5 Jan

Tim Kaine at the DNC

The Interwebz have been lit up since the weekend announcement that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine (D-MN).  [Politico:  Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to head DNC]

Reactions have been mixed.  Perhaps the best explanation I’ve heard is Doc Thompson from WRVA suggesting that, with the economy going south, like many of us Kaine needed a second job.

Kaine is set to assume the position following the Inauguration.  That same day current chair, Howard “I have a Scream” Dean will step down.

Over at Virginia Virtucon [Gov. Timmy! Says He’s Ready To Take His Eye Off The Ball], Riley wonders what made the Governor change his mind.  After all, since he wasn’t selected to be Vice President, or a Cabinet Secretary, Kaine said in November 2008 regarding the DNC position:

“That is not something I’m going to do … I would view it as taking my eye too much off the ball about things that need to happen here.”

But as D.J., The right-wing liberal reminds us, Virginia is in the midst of a budget crisis:  Tim Kaine to Virginia: Don’t bother me on the budget, I’m busy running the DNC

D.J. says:  Kaine has most certainly chosen to “shift his attention from the state during a budget crisis that demands swift action.”  Moreover, I would humbly submit – OK, not too humbly – that this will put more pressure on Kaine to resist necessary spending reductions and quite possibly expand upon his proposed tax increase.

It’s not just the right reacting negatively.  Over at Tertium Quids, Norm quotes a couple of lefty bloggers:  The Kaine-Gilmore Parallels Become Overwhelming

Norm offers up this quote from Crooks and Liars:

Ugh. After Howard Dean, could we pick a more disappointing choice for DNC head? After all, what the spinally deficient Dems need is a more milquetoasty, against stem cell research, pro-life, anti-gay chairman whose actions speak directly to his callousness towards those less fortunate directing the candidates and elections to help retain the Democratic majority, doncha know?

Surely Kaine remembers the criticism Jim Gilmore received for accepting the top RNC post his last year in office.  Democrats referred to him as “Governor Gone More” and created web sites asking “Where in the world is Jim Gilmore?”

Tim Kaine is far too smart a politician to have assumed there would be no negative reactions to this move.  So best we can figure is that he weight the costs and still thought it worth it.  We’re guessing that post January 2010 he might find his way to an Administration appointment after all.

Unless, also like Gilmore, he’s replaced after a very unsuccessful year.


One Response to “Moonlighting”

  1. Al Jarreau January 5, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    Don’t you change

    Some walk by night
    Some fly by day
    Nothing could change you
    Set and sure of the way

    Charming and bright
    Laughing and gay
    I’m just a stranger
    Love the blues and grays

    There is the sun and moon
    They sing their own sweet tune
    Watch them when dawn is due
    Sharing one space

    Some walk by night
    Some fly by day
    Something is sweeter
    When you meet along the way

    So come walk by night
    Come fly by day
    Something is sweeter
    ‘Cause we met along the way

    We’ll walk by night
    We’ll fly by day
    Moonlighting strangers
    Who just met on the way
    Who just met on the way
    Who just met on the way

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