5 Jan

Requiem for a Betta Fish

Tonight I had to tell my 8-year-old that we lost his betta fish.  We didn’t misplace it, the fish passed on.

My son was understandably upset.  A couple of years ago when we got the fish, along with three tetras who didn’t las as long, he helped pick out the fish, the tank, the pebbles and the treasure chest that resided at the bottom of the sea.

For some yet unexplained reason, he named the fish “Jordan.”

Of course we all know who took care of Jordan.  He lived on a corner of my desk.  Right next to the two hermit crabs that somehow have managed to survive since we brought them home from the beach in July.

As bettas go, two years was a pretty good run.  He lasted much longer, about year and eleven months longer in fact, than our previous goldfish (that’s plural, or should I say multiple).

Still, when you’re 8-years-old, that’s a hard lesson to learn.  And for my son, and our family, it’s been a year of loss.  My mother-in-law passed in MayWe put our cat down in July.

I’ve been around long enough to understand that this is all a part of life.  And now, my son is learning that lesson.  Perhaps sooner than we’d hoped.

So long, Jordan.


One Response to “Requiem”

  1. Chris January 6, 2009 at 10:23 am #

    Interesting. My daughter (a yr shy of your son) also has a betta (I thought it was one t though… apparently was wrong) and recently have had several situations wherein she has complained about fairness. I expect another one possibly a year or two from now when her fish (‘Josh’) passes as well and that not being ‘fair’ either… just last night I tried explaining that times like these there are lessons to be learned. Struggles such as learning to tie your shoes are lessons. So is her being quite afraid of our cat… kids not always being nice at school, brothers taking her things, any of us getting sick, etc. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any death (or at least that she has known well enough to really need) to explain as of yet…

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