Kemp's Cancer

7 Jan

Kemp diagnosed with cancer

Former GOP vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp, 73, has been diagnosed with cancer. Read more.

Kemp’s Office released the following statement: “Mr. Kemp has been undergoing tests to determine the origin of the disease and the options for continued treatment. He will continue to serve as Chairman of Kemp Partners and plans to remain involved in his business, charitable and politically related activities. Mr. Kemp and his family are grateful for the thoughts and prayers of friends and appreciate respect for their privacy at this time.” MSNBC

This is heartbreaking news. In the mid-80s when I first moved to D.C. I jumped on the Kemp for President bandwagon after hearing him speak to thunderous applause at CPAC. Years later, in 1993-94 I worked for him briefly at Campaign for New Agenda when he was exploring another run for the White House. After a successful weekend at the Super Bowl in Atlanta he decided not to run. Later Bob Dole selected him to be his running mate. We all know how that turned out.

Ironically, if Jack Kemp had gone for it in 1996, I might have met Riley years earlier. Riley was working over at Empower America around the same time.

Our prayers are with Mr. Kemp.


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