No thanks. Again.

13 Jan

So say at least a couple of the nation’s governors. But not all.

And not ours.

Kaine: stimulus to aid Va.
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday that he expects a significant sum of money to come to Virginia from President-elect Barack Obama’s economic-stimulus package.

This all comes from a philosophy that actually believes the government can be here, and that the government can help. In fact the President-elect believes that only government can solve this financial crisis.

Excuse me, but didn’t the government help get us into this mess in the first place? It doesn’t matter if you blame the Republicans or the Democrats (okay, it really does but we know the media won’t let you get away with blaming the left). But the reality is that these billions of dollars are bailing out people who couldn’t manage the money they already had.

And you and I are going to get to pay for it.

With all the states lining up for a ride on the gravy train, K. Carpenter over at Stepping Right Up! took a look at the Governors who might be GOP Presidential contenders in 2012 to see their response: Republican 2012 Presidential contenders with their hands out

True to form, 2008 GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin has said she’s not asking for any additional money:

Wednesday, Palin sent Alaska’s congressional delegation a three-page letter only requesting five stimulus package projects. The letter only added Kodiak Missile Launch Facility upgrades to the four gas pipeline road projects Palin already requested…Palin says requesting what she calls non-formula projects, like those Begich suggests, could lead to, “….unhealthy practices and results that often occur in the Congressional earmarking process.”

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is pretty much taking the same approach.

Gov. Mark Sanford blasted such plans as wasteful and told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Sunday that President-elect Barack Obama’s proposed stimulus package is “a horrible mistake” with “dire consequences for the next generation.”
Sanford rips federal aid to cities
The Post and Courier

Gee, principled Republicans, while on the endangered list, aren’t quite extinct after all.

Unfortunately, they are rare.

In a major disappointment Louisiana Governor and GOP rising star Bobby Jindal is asking for almost half a billion: Jindal outlines goals to congressional delegation. Associated Press Writer via

Granted, much of Louisiana is still reeling from the devastation of Katrina and last season’s Gustav and Ike. But billions in government and private dollars have poured into the Gulf Region, and much of it has been misspent. Perhaps if Jindal had been Governor at the time rather than Kathleen Blanco, the response might have been different. It certainly was in Mississippi with Haley Barbour. As I said after my trip to help with reconstruction there’s plenty of blame to go around. But there needs to be accountability for the dollars already sent before we send more.

Then there’s Utah Governor Jon Huntsman:

Under Pressure: Huntsman’s stimulus package wish list earmarks funds to build more natural-gas fueling sites.
With word of a possible $600 billion- to $850 billion-dollar stimulus package from the new administration to state budgets, Huntsman is asking for more than $14 billion for projects ranging from roads to water-treatment facilities. As part of the proposed energy-infrastructure upgrade, the state hopes to receive nearly $4 million in federal funds to beef up natural-gas fueling sites in the state.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas Governor Rick Perry has spoken out against the bailouts, but he’s still going to take any money offered. His spokesman said, “If Congress is going to give out Texas taxpayer dollars to other states, you can be he will fight for our fair share.”

Well, that’s standing on principle for ya.

When, oh when, will these bailouts end? The banking industry, the insurance industry, the automobile industry, the porn industry. Okay, so far the porn industry hasn’t been given any money, but really the rest of this is just another form of prostitution. And now the states, or shall we say the government industry, are getting their bailout.

When the dust settles, who will bail out the federal government?


2 Responses to “No thanks. Again.”

  1. Tom Sanchez Prunier January 14, 2009 at 3:52 am #

    Mike, this begs a rewrite. Or quotes. Or maybe it’s just too late. The headline conflicts with the content.

    And…. Republicans are NOT to blame for the financial crisis? At all?

    Sorry, it’s tough to delineate between your words and those in the stories. Glad to know you went to the Gulf Coast Region, heard some like-minded views and took them as Bible truth.

    And this: “In fact the President-elect believes that only government can solve this financial crisis.” How do you come up with this statement? If anything, Barack Obama has said it will take work, and it will take efforts of all Americans. This is why he warns times will be tough and, when pressed, will not put forth an optimistic economic forecast.

    We’re coming off the worst presidency in American history – on that, if continued, would’ve spelled the economic end of our country. Yes, some seeds were planted during Clinton and Carter, but many more irresponsible practices occurred during Reagan and H.W. Bush; unprecedented military build-ups, the first false war in Iraq, “trickle-down” economics and so on. Little george and dick made decisions like fantasy football team owners – id-based, uninformed and on the fly.

    And now we have an educated citizen fulfilling his commitment to help the country, not win an election last November, taking the Oath on Tuesday… and you still want to vilify before he’s taken office? Give the man a chance.

    Many of my right-leaning and Republican friends have complimented the choices Obama has made. On Emmanuel, they agree he’s a bulldog, but that’s what a Chief of Staff has to do; they also think Hillary will help keep Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in check, if not make some agreements – with a requisite number of preconditions. What I like is that my Republican friends are looking forward – yet they do have some raised eyebrows over Blagojevich, as we all should.

    But I give you points for links and your thoughts. Just lay off the President for six months or so, willya? There is nothing President Obama could do in that period of time that will come close to the bungling bush/cheney have done over the last eight years. Give the man a chance.


    Love and Kisses,


  2. Michael January 14, 2009 at 10:15 pm #

    Tom, I wish you’d come around more often because your critiques tend to be a bit random. As for the readability, I’m assuming you’re speaking of the format. I’m still tweaking this new theme, but if you go directly to the post it’s clear that words that aren’t mind are quoted or indented. As for the headline, again, I assume my readers are up to speed on the news. It ties directly into the first sentence.

    But I’m hesitant to even respond to someone so eroded with Bush Derangement Syndrome. Anyone who refers to him as the worst President ever has no understanding of American history (look up an objective review of Woodrow Wilson for cryin’ out loud). Either that or they’re too young or too stoned to remember the Carter years.

    Never said Republicans share no blame, but the Democrats tried to paint it that way. Early in his administration Bush and Republican members of Congress sounded warning signals about Freddie and Fannie and the Democrats clearly ignored them. It’s documented in video, and posted on this blog.

    As for criticisms of the President-elect, where he’s wrong we’ll point it out. That’s just how things are going to be. You asked how I came up with the statement? Easy, it was a paraphrase of what he said in his economic speech last week:

    Here’s the actual quote:

    “It is true that we cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth, but at this particular moment, only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe.

    Only government can break the cycle that are crippling our economy…”

    Full text here:

    Thanks for playing. Buy something in our shop on your way out.

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