Not so Blue after all?

16 Jan

Is Virginia not so blue after all?

It’s been a pretty good week for Virginia Republicans.

First, new-to-the-scene candidate Joe Murray came within 16 votes of caputuring the 46th House District seat.  Because it was so close, the election is still being contested and the House of Delegates has chosen not to seat Democrat Charniele Herring.

It’s a heavily blue district.  Something like this was not supposed to happen.  Why did it?

Democrat Barred From Taking Seat in Va. House
The Washington Post

Democrat Charniele Herring, the certified victor in Tuesday’s special election in the Alexandria area, was blocked from taking a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates yesterday, and Republican leaders said she would be barred from joining the body until a recount is completed.

Because Joe Murray and the local Republicans clearly out organized the Democrats.  They didn’t anticipate this.  That’s how Republicans become the majority party again.  Granted, Herring may well emerge the victor and there’s a regular election coming in November.  But imagine this kind of Republican effectiveness in districts down state.  Are you paying attention RPV?

Of course it doesn’t hurt to hear the fundraising numbers for the GOP statewide candidates.

Jason Kenney at Bearing Drift has:  A Quick Look At Republican Statewide Fundraising Numbers

Conventional wisdom has Terry McAuliffe raking in the bucks, so much so that Brian Moran dropped out of the legislature to be able to raise funds during January and February.  But during the last fund raising period, McDonnell outraised McAuliffe and has a sizeable campaign fund balance.

McDonnell Leads Rivals in Fundraising
The Washington Post

RICHMOND, Jan. 15 — While three Democrats slug it out for their party’s gubernatorial nomination, Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell is building a bankroll that could give the GOP a crucial advantage as it tries to win back the governor’s mansion this year, according to campaign finance reports filed yesterday.

All in all, good signs for Republicans.

But it’s still going to be a long year.


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