The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers

16 Jan

The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers

“He was just an actor who lived in my neighborhood.”

Will Smith wants the lead in Barack Obama: The Movie

Will Smith ‘to play’ Barack Obama as US President in Hollywood movie

Hollywood film star Will Smith has staked his claim to play Barack Obama in a movie about his rise to become US President and America’s first black leader.

Seems a little early to be planning a movie about someone who has not yet taken office. And while Barack Obama’s rise to the White House is indeed historical, shouldn’t we wait to see how history will view his Administration?

The President-elect was already anticipating Smith taking on the role as early as last February.

Obama Would Pick Will Smith To Play Him In Movie: “He Has The Ears!”
Huffington Post

Actor Will Smith is Obama’s pick to play him if a movie is made about his life, something the two have discussed. “Will and I have talked about this because he has the ears!” the Illinois senator said in an interview slated to air Tuesday and Wednesday.

Honestly, it’s going to be a long four years.

H/T to what could be the best headline of the year (and really the only reason I wanted to post this) to Just One Minute.


3 Responses to “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers”

  1. Tom Sanchez Prunier January 16, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    Hey, if notJoe the notPlumber can release a book six weeks after he confronted Barack Obama on his street, and Gov. Sarah Palin can be in a documentary about the election before the Inauguration, Hollywood can plan a movie about President Obama.

    First of all, the script will take a minimum of six months to draft. Then six months of rewrites. That is if Obama gives the producers rights to his memoirs. If not, they’ll have to find another source – they can’t just make it up like Fox News Channel.

    Still, a movie could be in released before 2012. But, if Obama is not a popular president by then, they may mothball it.

    Then again – do you really think Obama will not still be popular in 2012?

  2. Michael January 16, 2009 at 6:08 pm #

    He probably will be Tom, and quite likely he’ll be popular with some in 2016. Although my guess is it won’t be quite as rabid as it is now.

    But, you need to read down to the H/T. I’ve re-edited the title (I shorten things because of the way they appear with the scrolling slides – still sorting that out). But I wouldn’t even have run this story except for the clever headline (which I readily admit stealing).


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    […] I like it too and found where it originated The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers […]

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