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20 Jan

Random Thoughts on the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America

Like millions of others I watched the Inauguration of Barack H. Obama on CNN.com via Facebook. Hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers, writers, pundits will be speaking of this day for weeks and months, perhaps years to come.

I’m still absorbing the day. STill thinking things through. While I made no secret of not wanting BaracK Obama to win, he is our President. And he assumed the office today with grace and style.

What I suspect is that President Obama will be somewhat changed (to borrow a phrase) from candidate Obama. He’s seen the briefings, he knows the agenda. He’s our leader now, and only time will tell if he’s up to the challenges.

While I still need some convincing, millions who turned out to hear him today believe that he is.

Inauguration Crowd Estimated At Up To 2 Million; No Arrests Reported Yet
CBS News Political Hotsheet

The crowd attending the inaugural festivities has been estimated to be between 1.8 million and 2 million people, according to a senior law enforcement source.

What others are saying:

Obama’s Inaugural Address
Cal Thomas

The media coverage of the Inauguration gave a preview of how they might cover the Second Coming. It was total worship. No doubts were expressed; no questions about his ability to do anything — from healing the economy to bringing peace to the Middle East. The media have at last found a god in whom they can believe. They are worshipping at the altar of the church of Barack Obama. Journalists and some of their ideological cable TV allies have so much invested in Obama’s success that they will be hard-pressed to criticize him for anything and can probably be counted on to explain and justify any mistakes he makes, at least in the first two years.

The Completion
Hugh Hewitt

Though many will grade the new president’s rhetoric, and attempt to glean from it some guide to the term ahead, the significance of the speech has very little to do with its particular giver or its particular content. It’s greatest significance is rather that it marks the completion of the repair of the Constitution which had been flawed in its framing because of its departure from the Declaration that preceded it all those years ago.

Bearing Drift: Bush greeted with jeers at inaugural
Isn’t keeping America from suffering another terrorist attack at least worthy of some polite applause?

Virginia Virtucon: Congratulations President Obama
So, in a short while, I plan on raising a glass to toast the new President. Let today be our national party, where we celebrate the inauguration of the new President and the peaceful transition of power. This peaceful transition is a shining symbol of our civilized republic and something worth celebrating regardless of who you voted for in November.

The Contemporary Conservative: DNC Chairman (and part time VA Governor) Tim Kaine declares Virginia Budget Deficit Over
If the budget situation calls for pairing of the core services of government, why is Gov. Kaine using scarce tax dollars to transport folks on buses to an inauguration ceremony?

Tertium Quids: What’s $975,000 Between Friends?
One is left to wonder why some of these same generous folk in Capitol Square cringe at the idea of spending even a nickel on budget transparency.

And in other related news…

Virginia Virtucon: Wall St. Suffers Worst Inauguration Session In History
Anyone who studies the stock market even in a cursory manner will tell you that most trading is not based on sound economic principles, P/E ratios, etc., but rather is psychologically driven by what is happening at any given moment.

The Corner at National Review Online: Rep. Jim Moran’s Confrontation With Capitol Police
…Soon Moran stormed out of the building and angrily confronted the police officer looking at his wife and shouting, “Is this the one?” He then got in the officer’s face and insisted that he did not know the proper procedure. Moran’s wife was then allowed in the building under her husband’s congressional escort.


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