Thoughts on Grace

19 Feb

It is backward to believe that we must secure a social order wherein we enjoy the blessings of liberty so that we can then grow in grace. It is an evil wagging of the dog, on the other hand, to pursue Christ so that we might enjoy greater political liberty. Instead, we must pursue Jesus. If we would be free from intrusive government, we must first be set free from our appetites, our idolatries, our desires for the things the pagans chase after. But if we pursue Jesus and find Him, just as my friends have in Burma, then even the yoke of political oppression is easy, the burden of grinding poverty is light. If we have the pearl of great price, hidden where neither rust, nor moth, nor thieves, nor bureaucrats can get at it, then we will no longer pursue happiness. We will have found it.
R.C. Sproul
The Greatest Treasure, Table Talk

When we talk about the “means of grace,”
we are really talking about the means through which
the Spirit of Christ comes and deals with us. So when
we talk about grace we are really talking about Him,
the Triune God.
Dennis F. Kinlaw
The Francis Asbury Society

“Grace” is the personal, loving, merciful presence
and action of God the Father through His Incarnate

Son, Jesus, and in and by the Holy Spirit (who is the
“Advocate, Counselor and Comforter—John 14-16).
Grace is not a kind of divine vapor or gas that fl ows from
heaven into the hearts of human beings. It is the presence
and work of the Divine Persons, especially of the Holy
Spirit acting in the name of the Incarnate Son, who is the
only Mediator between God and man.

The “Means of Grace” and
The General Thanksgiving

Peter Toon
The Francis Asbury Society

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