Friday Must Reads

20 Feb

newspaperObama Flunks First Tests On Foreign Policy
Charles Krauthammer, IBD Editorials

The Biden prophecy has come to pass. Our wacky veep, momentarily inspired, had predicted last October that “it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama.”
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INSIDE WASHINGTON: Democrats hit ethics pothole
Larry Margasak, TownHall

Democrats’ ethical issues are popping up at a dizzying pace, after less than two months of party control of both the White House and Congress. Freshman Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill. is only the latest embarrassment.
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Why We Don’t Celebrate ‘Historians Day’
Ann Coulter, TownHall

Six months after America’s all-time greatest president left office in 1989, historians ranked him as only a middling president. (I would rank George Washington as America’s greatest president, but he only had to defeat what was then the world’s greatest military power with a ragtag group of irregulars and some squirrel guns, whereas Ronald Reagan had to defeat liberals.)
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The High Cost of the Stimulus
Ross Mackenzie, TownHall

On precisely the day Barack Obama signed into law the most gargantuan economic measure in the nation’s peacetime history (White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel termed it “the most major, sweeping, comprehensive legislation as it relates to economic activity ever”) — at almost precisely the moment of his pen-strokes — the stock market’s hope balloon went “bang!”
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We’re Not All Socialists
Brent Bozell III, TownHall

The only ones Obama couldn’t count on here were the obstreperous people who dared to insist they were not socialists and those cantankerous trouble-makers who insisted that maybe Congress should read a bill before it passes — especially when it’s the single largest expansion of government control in the history of the Republic.
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The “Tiny” Trillion-Dollar Turbaconducken You Don’t Care About
Michelle Malkin, TownHall

All told — and safely assuming the major spending provisions become permanently enshrined — the final price tag of this government hogzilla of all hogzillas over the next 10 years will be a whopping $3.27 trillion with a capital “T.”
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New Attorney General: We’re A Nation of Cowards
Bill Willingham, Big Hollywood

According to the new Attorney General, Eric Holder, speaking today at the Justice Department, we’re a nation of cowards because we don’t talk about race enough. I have several responses to that grotesque statement, most of which aren’t printable. But I will say this much: If the past discussions about race in which I’d participated (voluntarily and otherwise) didn’t always – not often, not most of the time, but always – devolve into name calling, where I was denounced as a racist (usually as a starting point for said conversation), then I might today be more willing to continue to have discussions on the subject. I suspect I’m not alone in this.
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Is the Administration Winging It?: Obama’s reputation for competence is at risk.
Karl Rove, The Wall Street Journal

Team Obama was winging it when it declared the stimulus would “save or create” 2.5 million, then three million, then 3.7 million, and then four million new jobs. These were arbitrary and erratic numbers, and they knew there’s no way to count “saved” jobs. Americans, being commonsensical, will focus on Mr. Obama’s promise to “create” jobs. It’s highly unlikely that more than 180,000 jobs will be created each month by the end of next year. The precise, state-by-state job numbers the administration used to sell the stimulus are likely to come back to haunt them as well.
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Finally, must see TV. If you haven’t seen Rick Santelli’s call for a Taxpayer Tea Party, watch it now.

“President Obama, Are you listening?”


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