Monday Nite Late Reading

23 Feb

porkulus1Now that the fastest hour of TV is over (surely you don’t have to ask, it’s 24), here are some things you need to read:

Obama’s State of the Union: The Foreclosures-burg Address
Ernie Mannix, Big Hollywood

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground, without Pelosi, Reid and Frank standing up and taking all the damned credit. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled to pay their mortgages, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to pork-up the stimuli.
Read more. [H/T Cathouse Chat]

The end of the American Dream
Star Parker, TownHall

This $275 billion mortgage plan, coupled with the “stimulus” package and the banks bailout, adds up to a cool couple trillion dollars. In one short month, the Obama administration has committed us taxpayers to new obligations equal to what the whole federal budget was a couple years ago.
Read more.

What Happened to the Hopemonger?
David Paul Kuhn, Real Clear Politics

Here’s a fact that will probably shock you: Americans today have the same level of confidence in President Obama as they had in George W. Bush after his first month in office. According to Gallup, Obama’s public approval rating currently stands at 63 percent, only a point above George W. Bush in late February 2001.
Read more.

During Financial Crisis, Obama Sends $1B to Gaza
Little Green Footballs

While the United States is in the midst of a serious financial crisis, the Obama administration is handing over another $1 billion to the Hamas-riddled United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
Read more.

Breaking: RNC Chairman Michael Steele Says He’s Open to Punishing 3 GOP Senate Defectors
Gateway Pundit

See the video.

And in the Commonwealth…

Marc Fisher Gets Twisted Into Knots Over Bob McDonnell
Virginia Virtucon

Fisher’s column is one of the most painfully twisted that I’ve seen in years. It was almost as if two people wrote it with opposing agendas or viewpoints.
Read more.

Holsworth’s Stimulus Question Deserves an Answer
Tertium Quids

Some months ago, I asked all of the (then) gubernatorial candidates their stands on the Wall Street bailout. I’m still waiting for answers. But it’s okay. I’ve got time.
Read more.

Leslie Carbone announces: “Slaying Leviathan” on Facebook

And from the Wayback Machine:

“I just don’t see government having to tell all these folks that if you allow the public in your place of business, you can’t smoke in your own office,” Kaine said.
August 2006


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