Deck Chairs. Titanic.

4 Mar

You know the drill.

Bearing Drift and Virginia Virtucon are reporting tonight that embattled RPV Chair Delegate Jeff Frederick is being asked to resign.

JR Hoeft writes: Frederick, who has been much maligned recently because of his “mis-tweet” regarding power sharing in the State Senate and his comments regarding Charles Darwin, faces major budget shortfalls at RPV, which have led to staff lay-offs.

Riley adds: We’ve been hearing from multiple sources off-the-record over the past two days that such a move was imminent and that the letter would soon be delivered. That letter was delivered late this afternoon.

Riley also speculates that rumored replacement wannabes include: Del. Paul Harris who currently heads up the Virginia chapter of Americans for Prosperity and former U.S. Rep. / former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis.

Is this the right move? Time will tell. To be fair to Frederick, the ship was already careening toward that iceburg before he came on the scene.

Maybe he should’ve just supplied the gin and the olives.

Also at Scott’s Morning Brew.


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