Friday Must Reads

6 Mar

mustreadsObama Sticks to the Script
The New York Times

Presidents have been using teleprompters for more than half a century, but none relied on them as extensively as Mr. Obama has so far.
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Olbermann’s Plastic Ivy
Ann Coulter, TownHall

If you’ve ever watched any three nights of his show, you know that Olbermann went to Cornell. But he always forgets to mention that he went to the school that offers classes in milking and bovine management.
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Sebelius’ Abortion Camouflage
Janice Shaw Crouse, TownHall

Obviously, President Obama will choose an HHS Secretary who supports his positions, but one has to wonder why he would appoint back-to-back HHS nominees with such controversial abortion records. With Sebelius, he will have a fight on his hands that will give the pro-life movement good experience and perhaps a strong victory before the battle over his first Supreme Court nominee sometime in the next three years.
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Presidential Bait-and-Switch. What Obama once promised, and what he’s delivering.
Karl Rove, The Wall Street Journal

Barack Obama has been president for a little more than five weeks. During his speech to a joint session of Congress last week, he showed what a skilled speaker he is and how persuasive he can be. But words delivered from a teleprompter, while important, have to line up with actions. Promises have to be met. And a president who promised to be one thing cannot be another. At some point, the gap between good feelings and results, between perception and reality, closes.
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Toomey to challenge Specter again
The Hill

Former Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) will challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in a primary for the second straight cycle, according to Pennsylvania GOP sources.
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Treasury secretary’s choice for deputy withdraws
Yahoo! Finance

WASHINGTON (AP) — The person Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wanted as his chief deputy withdrew from consideration Thursday, dealing a setback to the agency as it struggles to address the worst financial crisis in decades.
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