For the Unborn, No Hope or Change

9 Mar

babyPresident Obama will lift the Bush Administration limits on embryonic stem cell research on Monday [MSNBC], signalling that in spite of the hype, little hope and change remains for the unborn.  We knew during the campaign that Obama is no friend of life, but his swift actions to bow to the demands of Planned Parenthood and the radical feminists leaves us even more disappointed than we might have imagined.

From the Vatican City comes the reminder that the Catholic Church teaches that embryonic stem cell research is immoral [Vatican daily slams embryonic stem cell research, The International Herald Tribune]

Here at home, Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey calls Obama the “Abortion President” [FOX News]

“Why does the president persist in the dehumanizing of nascent human life when better alternatives exist? Human embryo-destroying stem cell research is not only unethical, unworkable and unreliable- it is now, demonstrably unnecessary,” Smith said.

This all comes as we hear the horror story of the Florida abortion worker who threw a live baby into a biohazard bag.  The woman delivered the baby before an abortion could be performed.  The 23-week-old infant was tossed into a plastic bag.  [Sun Sentinel]

More distressing news for the unborn is Obama’s selection of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of Health and Human Services.  unless we find that she, as the majority of the other appointments by this President, has a tax problem, HHS will also be no friend to the unborn.  Janice Crouse talks of her record:

Sebelius’ Abortion Camouflage
Janice Shaw Crouse, TownHall
Her record is important because at HHS, Gov. Sebelius would in be charge of health care concerns, with influence on federal and state policies on a wide variety of controversial issues, including abortion policies, parental notification, conscience rights protections, and destructive embryonic stem cell research. She has taken extreme positions on preventing third-term abortions and protection against born alive abortions. Sebelius vetoed “every piece of legislation aimed at a ‘woman’s right to know’ about abortions, including legislation on statistical reporting and on requiring women to look at sonograms before going through with the procedure.” In addition, Sebelius was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, and they conducted fundraising campaigns for her election.

Sources also reported last week that the President will overturn regulations instituted in the last days of the Bush administration, that strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to provide a medial service because of moral qualms. [FOX News]

Oklahoma Senator, and Doctor Tom Coburn offered this response:

“I will do nothing against my conscience in the practice of medicine ever regardless of what any law is at any time, ” Sen. Tom Coburn told FOX News. “And I can tell you that there are a lot of physicians that feel exactly that same way across the country.”

I’ve said before, I can be more effective working for life issues by supporting our local Crisis Pregnancy Center and by working for and supporting pro-life candidates.  And we can certainly continue to pray that our leaders would have a change of heart.

To that end, I’ve joined 40 Days for Life as well as the efforts for Red Envelope Day.


One Response to “For the Unborn, No Hope or Change”

  1. Think About It March 9, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    What is life? Is it the form or that which gives life to the form? If life is the form then we only exist from cradle to grave. If life is made in the image of God and is imbued with His qualities, then a life could never be taken or destroyed. A life does discard its form but always retains it life. It seems as though the form has displaced the Spirit of Life as the ground of our being. And, it is not.

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