Mid-Week Reading

18 Mar

porkulus1The Republican Civil War
Thomas Sowell, TownHall

As if it is not enough that they have been decimated by the Democrats in the past couple of elections, the Republican survivors are now turning their guns on each other.
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EDITORIAL: Guns on a plane
Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns
The Washington Times

The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots.
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Five Ways that Insanity Has Become the New Normal in America
John Hawkins, TownHall

Living in this country today is like sitting in the back seat of a car that’s hurtling towards the edge of a cliff at a hundred miles an hour while the driver fiddles with the radio and the guy in the passenger seat mocks the very idea of using brakes.
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Teen Sex and Insanity
Rebecca Hagelin, TownHall

Back to Quindlen. Hmmm…..when was the last time anyone needed to be told that “food tastes good” or that sex is “pleasurable” – especially teens? My goodness, Anna. Where have you been? In today’s sex-saturated world about the only thing teens seem to understand about sex – whether they’ve had it or not – is that it can be great fun.
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The Fetus as Organ Factory: The Next Moral Frontier?
Albert Mohler, Crosswalk.com

From London, the Daily Mail reported late last week that Oxford Professor Sir Richard Gardner now proposes that organ tissues from aborted fetuses might represent “at least a temporary solution” to the shortage of available organs for transplant.
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CBS News Poll: Limbaugh Has Higher Approval than Pelosi

“Limbaugh’s Favorable Rating: 19 Percent,” shouts the headline at the top of CBSNews.com tonight. A look, however, at the PDF of the full CBS News poll results, posted at 6:30 PM EDT Tuesday, pegs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating a point lower at 18 percent — within the margin of error, but evidence Limbaugh is no less popular than the leader of congressional Democrats.
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