Cylon, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

21 Mar

Last night, the Sci-Fi remake of Battlestar Galactica concluded its fifth and final season.  Loose ends were tied up as the colonists settled on “new” Earth and the future appears bright, even some 150,000 years later.

Many parts of the show were rather cheesy, as was the original BSG that aired only one season in the 70s.  I didn’t watch the original version. I was in college at the time.  It’s not that I was studying.  I just wasn’t watching TV.

So I caught the original Lorne Greene version in reruns over the years and watched the full series via Netflix.  Let’s just say that Dirk Benedict is no Kara Thrace.

This version of Battlestar carried many of the cheesy elements, but also some real drama.  It was a good show and I’ll miss it on Friday nights.

With the conclusion of BSG, I’m down to two “regular” shows, 24 and LOST.   It’s not that there aren’t other shows I’d find interesting, I just limited myself on TV commitment.


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