Is 24 jumping the shark?

14 Apr

24_sharkWe should have seen it coming when Tony Almeda stepped out of Pam Ewing’s shower.  But, I’m getting a little tired of 24.

Don’t get me wrong, this Season is worlds better than the painful Season 6.  But still the formula of bad guys attacking, Jack getting the bad guys, then finding out that the real bad guys are the rich white guys funding the operations…George Soros anyone?

But now, 24 has gotten preachy.  Tim over at I’m Surrounded by Idiots got me thinking about it.  See:  I cannot think of words to describe how much I hate 24 now…

In the days after the 9/11 attacks, 24 was welcomed escapism that allowed us to believe that there really was some bad-@$$ like Jack Bauer out there covering all our backs. It made us feel secure to hope that CTU really existed.

Sure, there were good times and bad times.  And there were times you’d just have to tell yourself to suspend your disbelief.

Then there was Season 6 when Jack hopped off a slow boat from China no worse for the wear for having been imprisoned and presumably tortured and he had the wherewithall to go all vampire on his captor.  The season was painful to get through.  And when we finally did, we wondered if that would be it.

Still, Season 7 promised a new hope.  After all Tony was coming back.  He was not really most sincerely dead after all.  But in a series that could be described as “The good, the bad and the Tony” we really don’t know whose side Tony is on.

And now, 24 has gone green.  Look, I’m all for doing that we practically can to protect the environment, but I don’t want to be lectured by a show that tosses around nuclear and biohazard weapons like leftover jelly beans.  I mean, are we really supposed to believe all those special effects are carbon neutral?

Probably what pushed me over the edge last night was the reappearance of Kim Bauer.  Did the writers and producers not remember that in Season 1 we were cheering for the cougar?  I’m just sayin’.

But add to that the statement that Jack needs stem cells from Kim to beat this airborn pathogen that’s eating away at his nervous system.  But Jack says no, he’d rather die than risk any harm to Kim.  The way things are going, I have this fear that Kim is going to have some available embryonic stems cells that Jack won’t mind using.

I mean come on, why even mention stem cells if it wasn’t a political statement?  Maybe all those evil social conservatives would change their minds on stem cell research if it could only save Jack Bauer.

Of course, here’s another soap opera twist:  What if there’s no genetic match between Jack and Kim?  Think of it.  All these years when they’ve given each other fits and they’re not really related.

We have six more hours to resolve Season 7.  The plot turned again last night with Bad Tony, who might have been in line for a Presidential pardon, turns and kills agent Larry Moss.  What did Larry ever do to him?

All in all, this isn’t one of the worst seasons.  But it’s definitely not the best.

We have to wonder if it’s the last.


2 Responses to “Is 24 jumping the shark?”

  1. Timothy Watson April 15, 2009 at 6:39 am #

    I know a lot of people didn’t like season 6, but I personally enjoyed it until the Chinese threat emerged. And from I remember reading, the only reason that the Chinese popped up was because there couldn’t figure anything else to do with Abu Fayed; sound familiar with what they just did with Tony?

    I personally thought season four had the most absurd plot. Bad guy blows up train to get device to control nuclear reactors across the country, kidnaps SecDef to execute on the internet to generate internet traffic so he can breach the nuclear plants’ firewalls, but the whole point of causing nuclear meltdowns was to get Air Force One in the air so he could shot it down with a F-117A and steal the nuclear suitcase and a nuclear bomb, strap it to a missile, and launch it at Los Angeles. Uh…dude, seriously, read what Rommel had to say about complicated and stupid plans.

    Again, sound familiar with what they’re going with Tony? Tony joins a mercenary group, agrees to help Bill Buchanan bring the group down, but he’s actually playing both sides and wants to steal biological weapon from bad guy #2 for whatever purposes he has. And he managed to plan all this out ahead of time?

    The one thing that has annoyed me more and more is the gimmicky and cheap way they keep killing off characters. When Teri Bauer died in season one, it actually meant something. I stood staying at the television for like five minutes with my mouth slack-jawed. When George Mason died in season two, you actually felt something for the death of the character.

    But now? “Oh, let’s kill someone off to shock the audience and since we have no other way to advance the plot.” Look what happened to David Palmer and Michelle Dessler during season five. The same can be said about Curtis Manning and Milo Pressman during season six, and now with Bill Buchanan and Larry Moss this season. It’s disgusting.

    I’ve been watching this show since Day One, Hour One and I have no desire to continue watching it at this point.


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