At Week's End

23 Apr

nancypantsCongress Knew About the Interrogations
Obama should release the memo on the attacks prevented.
Representative Peter Hoekstra, The Wall Street Journal

Yet last week Mr. Obama overruled the advice of his CIA director, Leon Panetta, and four prior CIA directors by releasing the details of the enhanced interrogation program.  Former CIA director Michael Hayden has stated clearly that declassifying the memos will make it more difficult for the CIA to defend the nation.
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Is the Speaker Just Admitting She Didn’t Pay Attention?
Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Corner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing back on GOP charges that she knew about waterboarding for years and did nothing…But...For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.
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Commentary: Obama waffled on torture — and looks weak
Ed Rollings, CNN Politics

The real example of searching for love in all the wrong places was last week’s lovefest south of the border when, in effect, he appeared to be hugging Castro, Ortega and Chavez who have spent their lives fighting everything the United States stands for.
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Government Watchdogs Warn of Lack of Oversight For Trillions in President’s New Spending Programs
Jake Tapper, ABC’s Political Punch

The GAO study asserts that officials from most of the states surveyed “expressed concerns regarding the lack of Recovery Act funding provided for accountability and oversight.
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Presidential Poison
His invitation to indict Bush officials will haunt Obama’s Presidency.
The Wall Street Journal

Mark down the date. Tuesday, April 21, 2009, is the moment that any chance of a new era of bipartisan respect in Washington ended. By inviting the prosecution of Bush officials for their antiterror legal advice, President Obama has injected a poison into our politics that he and the country will live to regret.
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The resurgence of left-wing extremism
Michelle Malkin

Well, DHS isn’t going to be issuing alerts about it any time soon. But it’s here: the resurgence of left-wing extremism.
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Lost in Political Space
Cal Thomas, TownHall

Republicans are in electoral trouble for many reasons, but one of them surely is not that they are insufficiently liberal on social issues. What’s the point of having a two-party system if one party mimics the other? Many erstwhile Republican voters turned on the GOP not because they were insufficiently liberal, but because they were insufficiently conservative.
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Nell Husbands Martin Coulter
Ann Coulter, TownHall

Mother probably contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various conservative outfits over the years — all in her little $20 checks — especially to any organization that claimed it was going to stop Hillary. In fact, if they mentioned Hillary in their letter, Mother sometimes made it $25.
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And around the Commonwealth…

Press attacks McDonnell but excuses Mark Warner for the same comment
Bearing Drift

So, either the press has two standards for criticism – Republicans get hammered and Democrats get embraced – or the editorial boards don’t know anything that’s happening in politics without reading Democratic blogs and press releases first.
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The Jeffersoniad’s Newest Member tells the story of the Augusta County GOP

Augusta GOP officers resign in protest of 56 purged members

In solidarity with the 56 members who were removed from the committee, I will stand with them and, in protest of their dismissal, have formally resigned from the Augusta County Republican Committee along with the majority of the Executive Committee who left for the same reason.
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Not to Mr. Shirley, not a smart move in an election year in one of the most Republican counties in the state.


4 Responses to “At Week's End”

  1. Kyle April 23, 2009 at 10:23 pm #

    About the torture memos. One thing that has really bothered me is the assumption by Cheney and other Republicans that if torture produces results then it is okay for us to torture. TORTURE IS WRONG IN ALL SITUATIONS. The United States has condemned other nations for waterboarding prisoners and even tried and executed Japanese soldiers for waterboarding our POWs in WWII. If it was wrong for them it is wrong for us no matter what information we were able to extract.

    Obama has misplayed the issue somewhat, but he is right about the important part, the United States should not torture anyone.

    The DHS issued an alert about the threat of left-wing extremists earlier this year and no one cared. Check it out

  2. Michael April 23, 2009 at 10:43 pm #

    Kyle, we could debate about whether or not torture is right all night long. What Cheney is saying is that those methods DID produce results. And they DID save American lives. But that’s a separate issue. Please don’t follow your usual pattern and come back and accuse me and the “Republicans” of advocating torture. I’m not.

    The issue is trying to assess a blame on the Bush Administration for actions that Congress, including Speaker Pelosi, was fully briefed on.

    It’s about the politics of destruction which is the only way the left knows how to operate.

    The link is interesting. Of course it got little or no attention because it was out within a week of the Inauguration and probably bore little, if any influence of the Obama Administration. In contrast the “right-wing” document came out just days before the Tea Party protests, and it specifically addressed returning veterans and pro-life activists.

    Flip the scenario for a minute and imagine the “left-wing” document was released by the Bush Administration in August of 2006. We’d still be hearing the howling.

  3. Kyle April 24, 2009 at 3:21 pm #

    I don’t know if there is an easy solution to properly address what happened in regard to torture and I think Obama would do well to keep quiet about it for a little while longer until they have made up their minds. With regard to the politicians, if they were asked for permission and granted it, I think they should be prosecuted, regardless of political party. I don’t think it is going to be that cut and dry, but if a politician had the opportunity to prevent torture and didn’t I think they should face some consequences.

    Again, I don’t think the ends justify the means. The information that was gained might have saved lives, but it also enflamed Muslims and more people have become terrorists because of it.

  4. Michael April 24, 2009 at 5:46 pm #

    Just a couple of thoughts. The President is being pressured from the left to pursue this. I think left to his own decisions he wouldn’t have gone down this path. But if it’s pushed to hearings, let it all come out.

    And, while I’m sure whatever happened at Gitmo didn’t make them love us more, Muslim extremists already hated us. Just because we’re us.

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