Weekend Reading

23 May

The 10 punches Dick Cheney landed on Barack Obama’s jaw
Toby Harden, The UK Telegraph

…the very fact that Obama chose to schedule his speech (Cheney’s was announced first) at exactly the same time as the former veep was a sign of some weakness.

President Above-It-All
Rich Lowry, Real Clear Politics

Excoriating Bush is good politics for Obama, which is what makes his repeated exhortations to look ahead so disingenuous. In his speech, he rued that “we have a return of the politicization of these issues.” In other words: Dick Cheney, please shut up. But when did the politicization of these issues end? Has the Left ever stopped braying about Bush’s war crimes?

Obama’s Speech in Historical Context
Peter Wehner, Commentary Magazine

I don’t, for a moment, expect President Obama to be fair-minded in his appraisal of the Bush years. But one might hope he would resist the temptation to disfigure the past so blatantly and so repeatedly, especially since Obama fancies himself as America’s philosopher-king, a person astonishingly free of bias and ideology, a one-man antidote to finger-pointing and division, our great healer and forward-looking leader. Alas, Mr. Obama — who is, I will grant you, a man of prodigious political talents — is falling a good deal short of the standards he has set for public discourse.

Somehow, this “revelation” is actually news…

77% See Politicians Unwillingness to Cut Government Spending as Bigger Problem Than Voter Resistance to Tax Hikes
Rasmussen Reports

For nearly four-out-of-five U.S. voters, the problem is not their unwillingness to pay taxes. It’s their elected representatives’ refusal to cut the size of government.

And, on that point ladies and gentlemen, is where we all should be able to agree. Government spends too much. Not to be unkind, but if you can’t see that you’re clueless and probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Yes, there are deserving programs. Yes, there are legitimate functions the government should perform. But we’re way beyond that point. And until we start electing men and women with the requisite equipment to stand up to unnecessary, wasteful, frivolous spending, then we’re only going to dig ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole.

For cryin’ out loud people, it’s American Idol. But I have to love this take on the response to Kris Allen’s win.

Really Talented Performer Wins American Idol; Liberals Blame Christians
S.E. Cupp, TownHall

Liberals are once again falling back on the only explanation they can ever muster when an anointed protégé or pet cause du jour loses: blame the backwards, hickish, intolerant Christian masses. Yes, the same folks who – inexplicably – put George W. Bush in the White House (twice), fell for Sarah Palin, and voted for Proposition 8 all to the shock and awe of the apoplectic left.


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