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4 Jun
The Battle of Midway, June 4-7, 1942

The Battle of Midway, June 4-7, 1942

Tiananmen At Twenty
J’s Notes

Tiananmen may have never happened in the eyes of the CCP.  But every day, every four minutes they have another one, somewhere else.  And the Chinese people see it, feel it, know it first hand.
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Don’t Call it Socialism
Jonah Goldberg, TownHall

Personally, I think socialism is the wrong word for all of this. “Corporatism” — the economic doctrine of fascism — fits better. Under corporatism, all the big players in the economy — big business, unions, interest groups — sit around the table with government at the head, hashing out what they think is best for everyone to the detriment of consumers, markets and entrepreneurs. But, take it from me, liberals are far more open to the argument that they’re “crypto-socialists.”
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Obama’s Age of Moral Equivalence
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary Magazine

Though he made a number of important points about fighting terror, religious tolerance and women’s rights and democracy, the speech was constructed and delivered as a series of moral equivalencies that undermine both the search for peace as well as the equally necessary drive to reform the Islamic world. As a statement of philosophy as well as a proclamation of American values it was as morally unserious a speech as an American president has ever made.
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The Next Republican President
Mark McKinnon, The Daily Beast

In the first in a series of posts on the 2012 landscape, former Bush and McCain strategist Mark McKinnon handicaps 11 Republicans—and explains why Obama might not be a lock for two terms.
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Conservatives Aren’t the Extremists
David Limbaugh

Conservatives are not the ones who sermonize about tolerance yet demonstrate intolerance toward conservative and Christian thought; support exterminating babies in the womb; apologize the world over for America; or gut the military and missile defense because of some dangerously egotistical notion that they have the magic to turn evil into goodness with their charisma and eloquence or, even worse, because they refuse to recognize evil in the world, except as emanating from the United States.
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Jim Hoeft of Bearing Drift interviews Bob McDonnell at the GOP Convention.

Jim Hoeft of Bearing Drift interviews Bob McDonnell at the GOP Convention.

And in Virginia:

Virginia Myths and More

In the race for governor, Democrats tout a false legend on prisons, and tell only part of the story on the Republican candidate’s record.
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In Politics, Fact, Fancy Can Blur in Keystroke
Bogus Claim Linking Jail, School Raised Election After Election

The Washington Post

“Imagine if your entire future was determined by what you did in the third grade,” says Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in a television advertisement promoting his plan to expand preschool. “Did you know we use the failure rates of third-graders to help predict how many prison spots Virginia will need in 15 years?”
You didn’t know? Could be because it’s not true — at least not in Virginia.
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Creigh “Dirty” Deeds Twists Logic Live On TV
Virginia Virtucon

Creigh “Dirty” Deeds in WJLA’s “Battleground Virginia” special last night morphed into John Kerry.
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Now each Democrat has their own poll!
The right-wing Liberal

Of course, if you’re guy is Bob McDonnell, just about any poll will do.
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Fairfax Police Need To Put Out An APB On Terry McAuliffe
Virginia Virtucon

Terry “Global Crossing” McAllfluff may very well be the first candidate to Twitter his confession to a crime.
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Warner Pitches in to Help GOP
Tertium Quids

I’ve often wondered whether some Democrats and their operatives are secretly in the employ of the McDonnell campaign. Today, I can add Mark Warner to that list, with his remarks chastising the Republican ticket for its opposition to higher taxes…
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