Campaign 2009: And so it begins…

10 Jun
Senator Ken Cuccinelli, GOP Candidate for Attorney General

Senator Ken Cuccinelli, GOP Candidate for Attorney General

Southern Half of the Comeback Trail
A GOP opportunity in Virginia.
Jim Geraghty, National Review Online

As a state legislator, Deeds voted for a partial-birth-abortion ban earlier in his career; he now opposes it. Former Democratic governor Doug Wilder said during the primary that he was disappointed with Deeds’s reversals, and none-too-subtly asked: “What Creigh is saying now is, ‘I’ve changed my philosophy.’ Suppose we had elected you before — would you have changed?”
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Creigh Deeds is no moderate
The right-wing liberal

Still, take away the southern drawl and the rural hometown, and what you get is not a moderate (let alone “moderate to conservative”) but a garden-variety leftist Democrat who just happens to be comfortable with firearms.

In other words: Creigh Deeds is Jimmy Carter 2.0.

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Why Bob McDonnell Will Win Virginia, and What it Can Mean for the Republican Party
Fred Malek, RedState

This won’t be the first time that McDonnell and Deeds have squared off in a statewide election. I still remember their 2005 race for Attorney General, where McDonnell beat Deeds by 323 votes. As someone who has been around politics and Virginia a long time, I believe McDonnell has what it takes to beat Deeds again.
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Deeds Has Issues
Virginia Virtucon

…but apparently “job creation” isn’t one of them.

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Creigh Deeds — Don’t Call Me Moderate Or Conservative!
Virginia Virtucon

Stop with referring to Creigh Deeds as a “moderate” or even a “conservative.”  It isn’t accurate.  It isn’t true.  And we have the words of Deeds himself to prove it.
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Creigh Deeds … Virginia’s Jimmy Carter?

In his own words, Sen. Deeds called himself “progressive” … the catch-word of, George Soros, and the Hollywood left … in other words, liberal. He also declared in February that he would not sign a no-tax pledge.
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