Post Primary Thoughts

10 Jun
McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, a Unified Republican Ticket for Virginia.

From around The Jeffersoniad

The Democrats have made their choice – and will come to regret it
The right-wing liberal

In short, Creigh Deeds is a pale imitation of the guy who still lost to Bob McDonnell despite tremendous statewide advantages for the Dems that no longer exist – and he’s supposed to reverse the 2005 outcome?
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Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins Regarding Democratic Statewide Ticket
Via Virginia Virtucon

“Finally, the rejection of Terry McAuliffe indicates that even Democrats are disillusioned about the direction their party and leadership have taken. When a wealthy, insider financed, nationally prominent, personal friend of the Clintons is rebuked in such a manner, it is a clear indicator of a party in disarray from top to bottom. On the Republican side, we are energized and look forward to the road ahead.”
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Bolling Campaign Statement on Jody Wagner’s Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nomination
Via Virginia Virtucon

“Bill Bolling’s 18 years of service in local government, the State Senate and as Lieutenant Governor make him by far the most qualified candidate to ever seek the Lieutenant Governor’s office and the only candidate who is prepared to be Governor should the need arise.”
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VPOD 65: Vivian Paige and Shaun Kenney, Democratic Primary Reaction
Bearing Drift

In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Vivian Paige and Shaun Kenney give their take on the Democratic primary, the upcoming general election campaign, and the netroots.
Listen here.

And then there were three
Crystal Clear Conservative

It looks to be an interesting race ahead, where we can truly focus on the issues and ways to prove to the voters across the Commonwealth who has the better vision for lowering taxes, focusing on energy initiatives, and improving the economy.
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A Look At The Numbers
The Virginia Conservative

Considering Deeds was, for the most part, painted as the most moderate of the three Democratic choices, I think that this primary illustrates that Virginia voters, even the ones who vote in Democratic primaries, are more conservative than the media would lead us to believe.
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Creigh Deeds Wins Democratic Nomination
Rick Sincere News and Thoughts

The New York Times headline reflects how outsiders viewed today’s Democratic gubernatorial primary in Virginia: “State Senator Beats McAuliffe in Virginia Primary.”
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Deeds Wins
Leslie Carbone

Since Virginia’s races will be in large measure a referendum on President Barack Obama and his unpopular, dangerous policies, the presence of a moderate Democrat at the top of the ticket promises an interesting Fall.
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Deeds Wins
Good Sense

Although the conservative hack in me would have liked to have campaigned against THE talking head of the Clinton years, I have to admit that Virginia Democrats did the smart and prudent thing by selecting Senator Deeds.
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