Campaign 2009: Deeds takes the lead

11 Jun

A post primary bounce gives Creigh Deeds a 47-41 lead over Bob McDonnell.  Rasmussen.

Deeds takes the lead
The right-wing liberal

Lest we forget, Creigh Deeds does not get this nomination without the Washington Post, and he doesn’t get the Post endorsement without establishing himself to Moran and T-Mac’s left on taxes and spending.
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Deeds is a little out of focus
rightwingliberal at Virginia Virtucon

Something tells me that once voters take all of this in – especially voters in NoVa and HR – Mr. Deeds won’t be leading this race.
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Deeds goes negative on Day One
Bearing Drift

I knew Creigh Deeds would ditch his promise of a positive campaign. I just didn’t expect him to break it on the first day.
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