Campaign 2009: Friday Roundup

12 Jun

gadsdenflagIs “Common Sense Virginia” omnipotent or just plain lying?
I’m Surrounded by Idiots

So, did Bob McDonnell take any questions or not? And regardless of whether he did or didn’t, how can “Common Sense Virginia” know for a fact whether he did or didn’t? Makes you wonder what else they may be lying about…
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Politics 101:  The desperate candidate issues the debate challenge.

Wagner challenges Bolling to debates
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Jody M. Wagner yesterday challenged Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, the Republican incumbent, to five debates to be held in different regions of the state.
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$$$ McDonnell goal reached in two hours

It only took a couple of hours to reach the $20,000 online donation goal for Bob McDonnell’s campaign …
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Could Charter Schools be the Big Idea?
Tertium Quids

Could charters be the Big Idea? Possibly. If so, then we may be in for a campaign that actually engages in a wide-ranging debate on education reform — a debate that Virginia has avoided for far too long.
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