Bob McDonnell: A Man of His Word

17 Jun
GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell

I set off a bit of an email firestorm earlier today when I mentioned that on Facebook ousted RPV Chair Jeff Frederick had posted a link, and a snarky comment to this Washington Times Editorial: Taxing McDonnell, Virginia’s GOP candidate needs to come clean.

The crime?  McDonnell has thus far declined to sign a “No new taxes” pledge.

Oh. The. Horrors.

Over on the left, the usual suspects feign outrage that he won’t sign.  Yeah, like his signing the pledge would place them solidly in the McDonnell camp.

A few on the right jumped up and down a couple of times as well.

As for me?  I don’t get it.  I used to think it was a big deal. But really, as J.R. puts it so well tonight over at Bearing DriftActions speak louder than words.

J.R. says: Specifically, when I see that one gubernatorial candidate has voted over 50 times to cut taxes in his career and another candidate voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history, wanted to impose a 120% increase in the gas tax during a recession, voted for higher cigarette taxes, et al., I think it’s pretty clear to me as to who I can count on to keep my taxes low.


The Mason Conservative agrees:  Do They Really Want Compare Tax Votes?

M.C. says: Look, I understand that there was some push back on McDonnell over the regional tax bill (which this blogger supported, too).  But do Democrats really want to get into a debate over who’s better on keeping taxes low between Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds?

Personally, I think Bob McDonnell says it the best:

“I don’t know. I’ve taken it before. I get so many of those pledges right now. People want me to pledge this or pledge that. I’ve been a firm believer that I’m gonna tell you exactly what I think … that I’m going to stick to my word. I did that when I ran for attorney general. I said, ‘These are seven things that I’m going to do,’ and we got all seven of them done, and so I’m getting so many questionnaires that want me to pledge this, that and the other. I may not take … probably will not do that, but I will tell you exactly what I think, because I’ve answered your questions today, and I will tell you that I have no plans to raise taxes.”

What is it with these “pledges” anyway?  Did Republicans learn nothing from George H.W. Bush’s “Read My Lips” proclamation?  Fortunately, he had his second term to straighten that out.

Oh.  Wait.

See, the thing is, a Republican can sign that pledge. Then say he enters office and eliminates every single tax of Nancy Pelosi’s dreams.  But to counter that, he suggests raising the sales tax by a penny.  Now, that’ s not really a tax increase because it’s revenue neutral, or actually a net tax cut.  But the “mainstream media” would never spin it that way.  Tomorrow’s headline in The Washington Post (and maybe the Times as well?) would read:

Republican Governor Breaks Tax Hike Pledge.

See what I mean?

I believe Bob McDonnell to be a man of his word.  I believe him when he says he has no plan to raise taxes.  But wait, you say, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine said the same thing.

Again, my point exactly.  I can believe Bob McDonnell.

It’s too bad I didn’t see the other Times article first:  McDonnell sees fat in VDOT, Medicaid The Republican candidate for Virginia governor says that if elected he will look for budget cuts within the Transportation Department and the state’s Medicaid agency even as he explores ways to cut corporate taxes to attract business.

Works for me.

Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.
Matthew 5:37


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