Could you pass the test Mr. President?

18 Jun

Recoiling from the stinging criticism of his firing of Americorps IG Gerald Walpin the White House issued a letter saying: “The Board’s action was precipitated by a May 20, 2009 Board meeting at which Mr. Walpin was confused, disoriented, unable to answer questions and exhibit other behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve.” [See The Washington Post for the full letter]

But Walpin asserts that was not the case.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had Walpin on his show and issued a senility test, the one actually used in courts of law. Walpin passed flawlessly.

Could the President have done the same? After all, one of the questions is “where are you?”

Two videos. Tell me who’s confused? Who’s not?

See also:

The Smearing Of Gerald Walpin
IBD Editorials

Walpin was probably getting too close to the waste, fraud and abuse that’s been found rampant in the stimulus program. The administration, which has expanded AmeriCorps, no doubt feared a too-strict accounting of where the money was being spent. The AmeriCorps board wants to fire a Bush appointee investigating an Obama contributor misusing AmeriCorps funds. Hmmmm.
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FNC: Fmr Inspector General Charges ‘Mudslinging’ by Obama Admin

On Wednesday, several FNC shows recounted the latest developments in the case of President Obama’s suspicious, and possibly illegal, firing of former inspector general Gerald Walpin, after an investigation headed by Walpin found Obama friend and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson guilty of misusing over $800,000 in funding intended for the AmeriCorps program.
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Senator asks about firings of watchdogs
Chicago Tribune

That controversy deepened with Grassley’s complaint Wednesday that the White House wasn’t answering questions posed by his staff.
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How to write a NYT article on an Obama controversy
Hot Air

They managed to include the Obama administration’s accusation of mental illness, and even threw in the part about Senators Claire McCaskill and Charles Grassley objecting to the firing. But what did Neil Lewis and the Times forget to include in the story…
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