It's too hot to fight…[UPDATED]

20 Jun

julepI’d rather be sitting on the veranda sippin’ a mint julep.  But truth is I don’t have a veranda and I gave up on the demon bourbon several campaign cycles ago.

Still over at Bearing Drift, J.R. has stirred up a ruckus with this post:  BREAKING: Perriello votes to bring detainees to Virginia!

J.R. writes: Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA05) has just cast the deciding vote to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to Virginia. According to a Capitol Hill source.

It’s a short little post, but has already stirred up some 31 comments.  Most notable among them, this rant from Anonymous is a WomanRepublican Blogger Lies Insult Law Enforcement Community

Lies? I thought this week’s lefty talking point memo was flies? I just can’t keep up.

Fortunately though, J.R. and several others show up to correct AIAW’s distortions.  Most notably among the responses, this from Shaun KenneyAIAW: Republican Blogger LIES Insult Law Enforcement Community (OMG!!!)

Shaun sums it up nicely:

So yes — I am opposed to bringing the detainees from the War on Terrorism to the United States.  Moreover, as Americans we should be deeply concerned about the implications of a policy designed to detain people for what they might do as opposed to what they did do.  Finally, I am diametrically opposed to policies being drafted consonant between some sort of brokerage between amorphous values and the rule of law.

Bush’s policies at least allowed the contradiction to be self-evident.  Obama’s attempt to put a veneer of “values” to make things consistent is repulsive to the very ideas with which AIAW claims to be so concerned.

Follow all the posts.  J.R. and Shaun sum up the arguments nicely.  As for logic from the left?  Not so much.

All snarking about the heat and juleps aside, the discussion is well worth your time.

Now, back to the veranda.

UPDATE: The right wing liberal adds a little more clarity: Hey, don’t take our word for it, Anon
With all due respect to Anon et al, I give the view of the FBI Director a lot more credence than a slew of angry left-wing bloggers, but that’s just me.
Read more.


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