"Let them eat hot dogs."

23 Jun
Hot Dog Diplomacy

Hot Dog Diplomacy

Marie Antoinette:  “Let them eat cake.”

Barack Obama:  “Let them eat hot dogs.”

US says hot dog diplomacy still on with Iran
AFP via Google News

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States said Monday its invitations were still standing for Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 celebrations at US embassies despite the crackdown on opposition supporters.
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Iran Unrest Reveals Split In U.S. on Its Role Abroad
The Washington Post, H/T Hot Air

Obama’s approach to Iran, including his assertion that the unrest there represents a debate among Iranians unrelated to the United States, is an acknowledgment that a U.S. president’s words have a limited ability to alter foreign events in real time and could do more harm than good. But privately Obama advisers are crediting his Cairo speech for inspiring the protesters, especially the young ones, who are now posing the most direct challenge to the republic’s Islamic authority in its 30-year history.
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Not exactly what the President said today…

FNC’s Garrett Asks Obama What Took So Long To Be “Concerned”
Read Clear Politics

FOX News’ Major Garrett asks President Obama what took him so long to say he has “concerns” about the election in Iran. Obama said he has been very consistent about his position. Obama reiterated his message that this is “not an issue about the United States,” but the Iranian people.
See the video.

Obama calls on HuffPost for Iran question
Michael Calderone, Politico

According to POLITICO’s Carol Lee, The Huffington Post reporter was brought out of lower press by deputy press secretary Josh Earnest and placed just inside the barricade for reporters a few minutes before the start of the press conference.
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Obama-come-lately on Iran; O’s obligatory press conference
Michelle Malkin

Obama’s press statement this afternoon was rather unemotional and obligatory-sounding. Included an odd set-up question with Huffington Post writer Nico Pitney, who has covered Iranian election extensively. Obama anticipated his question and basically telegraphed what Pitney would ask — a question solicited from Iranians communicating across the Internet.
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