Sanford channels Garbo: "I want to be let alone"

23 Jun
Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina

Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina

Can’t a guy just get away from it all once in a while? Okay, that’s more difficult when your say a Chief Executive. But still, turns out that Governor Mark Sanford just wanted a little quiet time away from the budget mess, the stimulus mess, and maybe for the weekend away from his family. Yes, it was Father’s Day. That’s Father’s Day, not children’s day. Sometimes all a dad, or a governor, wants is a little peace and quiet.

After all it’s not like he spent a couple hundred grand in taxpayer money for a night in The Big Apple, or even buzzed the state jet around the Confederate Flag at the State House.

The Lessons of Mark Sanford’s Hike
Erick Erickson, RedState

Now, here is all you need to know about this whole entire story — the reaction from the erstwhile Republicans angry at Sanford for not being a fiscal squish and from the media all go back to their core belief that without Sanford manning the barricades of government at all times, the government will collapse and people will starve, die, and forget how to read and write.
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Governor’s Hike Reopens Rifts
South Carolina Politicians Spar as Aides Say Sanford Will Be Back Wednesday
The Wall Street Journal

State Sen. Greg Ryberg, a Republican who is close to Mr. Sanford, said the issue was a “man-made tempest” blown out of proportion by political enemies seeking to discredit the governor, including the state’s lieutenant governor, André Bauer. Both are Republicans, though they have clashed in the past.
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‘There’s a lot of reason for Sanford to not want to let Bauer run things, even for a couple of days.’
Jim Geraghty, The Campaign Spot at National Review Online

One Republican strategist based in South Carolina wonders if Sanford didn’t let many people in state government know of his absence because of tensions with Lieutenant Gov. Andre Bauer.
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The way we see it, there’s nothing hinky going on here. At worst it’s a PR snafu. I figure the Governor left town and told his staff and wife “don’t tell anyone where I’m going.” After all he’s a potential 2012 contender, he attracts attention and some “enterprising” young reporter would’ve followed him out on the trail just to make sure he was observing “Leave No Trace.”

Sanford is supposed to be back tomorrow. I expect a statement. And I expect his political opponents to try to use this to tear him down.

Sadly, that’s the way the world works.


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