Virginia Campaign 2009: June 24, 2009

24 Jun

Speaking of a lot of taxes…

This day in Virginia history: June 24, 2008
The right-wing liberal

That’s one Democrat running for Governor, three bills, and (without double-counting) thirteen different tax increases – all in one day!
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If You Kick Out Illegal Immigrants, ‘Who in the World Is Going to Do the Work?’
National Review Online

“If you’re going to kick out all the immigrants in Prince William County, who in the world is going to do the work? Pay the sales tax? And just do the jobs necessary?” he [Creigh Deeds] asked, rhetorically.
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Mark Sanford Isn’t The Only Governor Going MIA…
Virginia Virtucon

Gov. Timmy!’s recent flurry of out-of-state trips and his refusal to say where he is going was bad enough to put him in the same category as SC Gov. Mark Sanford. Now we learn that he’s been fleecing Virginia’s taxpayers to pay for his security detail on Democratic National Committee-related business trips.
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After-the-fact reimbursement for the Governor’s security detail
Tertium Quids

While I chide people for wanting to know where their governors may be at all times, one highly useful thing did come of the RPV’s prying into Gov. Kaine’s peregrinations on behalf of the DNC: the party will now reimburse the state for the cost of his security detail…
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Roanoke Times: “Where did Tim Kaine go?”

The Roanoke newspaper has picked up on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was filed by the Republican Party of Virginia requesting Democrat Gov. Tim Kaine’s travel records since becoming DNC chairman.
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Kris Amundson Out, Scott Surovell In For The Dems
Virginia Virtucon

The VA GOP Caucus blog is reporting that 44th Dist. Del. Kris Amundson is dropping her reelection bid and Fairfax Dem Chairman Scott Surovell will be her replacement.
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Cuccinelli on Court of Appeals declaring VA’s Infanticide Ban as Constitutional
Via Waynesboro GOP

“Today’s ruling marks a major victory in a hard fought, six-year battle to end Partial Birth Abortion in Virginia. I want to extend both my appreciation and congratulations to Attorney General Bill Mims,Former Attorney General Bob McDonnell and their teams for their hard work in making today’s ruling a reality.”
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