Jody Wagner Just Doesn't Add Up

25 Jun

jodycantaddDemocratic Candidate for Lt. Governor sent out the following in an email this week:

The danger for our campaign is that Bill Bolling has a million dollars in the bank right now – and our campaign is behind in our capacity to communicate our message and fight off Bolling’s negative attacks. We won a resounding victory in the primary, but it came at a cost – and once again we’re at the end of a quarterly reporting period and our financial position as of June 30th will be compared to Bolling’s and used to assess our strength.

But is she sure about those numbers? Going into the way-back machine we find this over at The right-wing liberal from Friday, July 18, 2008:

So Jody Wagner will leave the Finance Department and announce her LG candidacy (Washington Post) on the heels of her department getting caught in a major numbers no-no.

And so reading through today’s email, Brian Kirwin surmises that Wagner is offering a hearty endorsment to Tim Kaine’s failed transportation tax increase.

Jody Wagner defends Kaine’s billion-dollar tax increase
Bearing Drift

Every House Democrat, Republican and Independent opposed Kaine’s transportation tax increase. And Jody Wagner attacks Bill Bolling for leading the charge against it.
Read more.

How do you spell Jody Wagner’s campaign theme? D-E-N-I-A-L
The right-wing liberal

So, Ms Wagner says we should reject Bill Bolling for challenging her pie-in-the-sky revenue projections and fighting to stop tax increases her boss desperately wanted. If you ask me, those are reasons to re-elect Bolling.
Read more.

Jody “Financial Fantasyland” Wagner Returns!!! Endorses Failed $1 Billion Tax Hike
Virginia Virtucon

No one is blaming Wagner for the state’s revenue shortfall. But many people are rightfully blaming her for her utter incompetence in being able forecast such shortfalls, whether they be in good economic times or bad. Her revenue projections were so wildly off, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, that she wasn’t even close enough to have been accurate if she had tried to hit the right numbers with the side of a barn.
Read more.


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