Virginia Campaign 2009: Monday, Monday

29 Jun
H/T Republican Party of Virginia

H/T Republican Party of Virginia

Va. Gov: McDonnell and Deeds talk to school principals in Williamsburg
The Shad Plank

High school principals from across Virginia are meeting in Kingsmill for an annual conference and they’re going to get a chance to hear from both the men running for governor. McDonnell takes the stage first – early tomorrow morning – while Deeds is expected to speak later in the week.
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Creigh Deeds raises taxes
Brian Kirwin at Bearing Drift

But Deeds does have a record, a long, long list of voting for tax increase after tax increase. Deeds voted for regional tax increases for Hampton Roads the same time he voted for massive tax increases across the state (we in Hampton Roads got a double whammy).
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Virginia Gentleman
A prospective state attorney general goes back to the founders.
Michael Warren, National Review Online

Will strong grassroots efforts put Cuccinelli over the top in November? Although the races are separate, he’ll run with the GOP’s nominee for governor, Bob McDonnell, who is polling roughly even against Democrat Creigh Deeds. A good election for McDonnell —the state’s former attorney general — will help Cuccinelli’s odds. Even so, the prospective attorney general says he won’t be counting on McDonnell’s coattails. He believes he has the secrets to success: “I’m willing to lose, and I won’t abandon my principles.”
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H/T Tertium Quids: National Review Catches Up with Cuccinelli

Even the Washington Post gets it
The right-wing liberal

Turns out that even the Post’s need for balance couldn’t get the paper past Creigh Deeds’ massive tax-hike record.
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WashPo Places Focus Squarely On Deeds’ Record of Tax Hikes
Virginia Virtucon

Let it ring out throughout the Commonwealth — Creigh Deeds is a tax hiker.  He’s done it before and if history is any sort of guide, he would most certainly do it again.  Especially in these tough economic times, Virginia can’t afford to have someone as reckless on taxes and spending as Deeds is as our Governor.
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Creigh is No Mark, But is Bob Really George Redux?
Tertium Quids

I’m not sure whom Gizzi is talking to in Virginia (aside from Ed Gillespie), but this is the first I’ve heard of Bob McDonnell being the next coming of George Allen.
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Creigh Deeds Goes Into Hiding
Virginia Virtucon

RICHMOND – Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today repeated his call for Creigh Deeds to reveal his position on the massive energy tax boondoggle known as “Cap-and-Trade” following its approval in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday evening.
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We’d “Ask Governor Kaine” to comment if we could find him…

State GOP Disappointed in Kaine
The Washington Post

The Post reported last week that Kaine has been to North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Missouri and Ohio in recent months and has often attended fundraisers in Virginia and the District. He was in Philadelphia last week and is in New York today.
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