Friday Morning Reads

3 Jul

scaredofteaHow’s that Porkulus workin’ out for ya?

As economy drops jobs, paychecks drop some weight
AP via Yahoo! News

Employers cut 467,000 jobs in June, far more than expected, and the jobless rate hit a 26-year high of 9.5 percent. Just as worrisome, wages shrank to their lowest in nearly a year.
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Small Businesses Not Seeing Impact of Stimulus Package
U.S. News and World Report

According to a recent survey by Intuit Corp., the vast majority of small businesses have not benefited from the stimulus plan—nor do they expect to.
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True, Barack Obama has only been President for six months. But his party has controlled Congress for two and a half years.

Where are the jobs?

The depressing job numbers released Thursday provided Democrats with a painful reminder that the economy is floundering on their watch now.
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Legal group’s records tell little about Sotomayor
Julia Hirschfeld Davis, TownHall

Republicans have criticized Sotomayor’s participation in the group, which they say has taken radical positions and sought to gain racial preferences for Hispanics. They argue that her ties to the group, taken together with Sotomayor’s statements about how her heritage shapes her views as a judge, raise doubts about whether she can be an impartial, colorblind justice.
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So Much for Wise Latinas
Ann Coulter, TownHall

According to Sotomayor, any test that gets the numbers wrong — whatever “wrong” means in any given context of professions, populations, applicants, workers, etc. — is grounds for a lawsuit, which in turn, is grounds for an employer to engage in race discrimination against disfavored racial groups, such as white men.
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Welcome to Obamacare Theater
Michelle Malkin

But the denials of pre-planning and stacked decks deserve nothing but derisive mockery. Obama’s town hall was filled with backroom players and a supporting cast of socialized medicine activists and ideologues.
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None Dare Call It Marxism
David Limbaugh, TownHall

He is desperately trying to spread the misery and impoverish businesses and individuals through his cap and tax plan, which no proponent of economic growth and prosperity would consider supporting. And in addition to gobbling up other businesses and industries, he is trying to nationalize medicine — to siphon off the evil surplus value charged by doctors and insurance companies — on the flawed Marxist theory that he can reduce costs overall, when the reason health care costs have already skyrocketed is that market forces have been suppressed in the industry.
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