Where's the Veep?

5 Jul

Joe Biden’s been makin’ the news…

U.S.: No change in policy on Iran or Israel

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the Obama administration would not stand in Israel’s way should the latter chooses to take military action to eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat.

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Biden, Mullen split on Israel and Iran?

That’s a sharp departure from comments that Vice President Joe Biden made earlier today.
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Biden Suggests U.S. Not Standing in Israel’s Way on Iran
The New York Times

What was not immediately clear was whether Mr. Biden, who has a long-standing reputation for speaking volubly — and sometimes going too far in the heat of the moment — was sending an officially sanctioned message.
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Biden: ‘We misread how bad the economy was’

“We misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only about 120 days into the recovery package,” Biden added. More jobs will be created in coming months, he said.
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Joe Biden: Iraqis on own if violence flares

Vice President Joseph Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview taped in Iraq on Saturday for “This Week” that the United States does not intend to slow its withdrawal plan in Iraq even if violence spikes after U.S. troops leave.
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Biden: I take Palin ‘at her word’

He said he takes Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ‘’at her word’’ when she says she is stepping down for family reasons.
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