Eric Cantor Continues to Disappoint

6 Jul

You know, it’s great that Eric Cantor understands that the Stimulus Isn’t Working (Real Clear Politics), but not so great that he thinks the solution is another stimulus package.

Cantor: Let’s Talk About a Second Stimulus

But Cantor doesn’t want to nix all the spending from February’s stimulus. He is trying to get stimulus money for a high-speed rail line from Washington, D.C., to Richmond, Va., a project he said could generate 185,000 jobs in Virginia, Roll Call reported.
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Cantor’s Open to Another Stimulus
Tertium Quids

Because the first “stimulus” seems not to be working as was promised, a second “stimulus” is being bandied-about to correct those shortcomings.
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Cantor open to second stimulus with tax cuts
The Hill

With the economy still scuffling and unemployment approaching 10 percent, Cantor said that Republicans could back new stimulus legislation that focuses on help for small businesses.
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See, the problem is here that I don’t trust Congress, Republicans OR Democrats, to do the right thing with another stimulus bill. These people didn’t read the last one. Why on earth should we trust them with another?

Cantor’s right that there should be massive tax cuts. But they need to be accompanied by massive spending cuts. Not additional spending.

He’s right that the stimulus bill isn’t working. But the solution is not to redirect the money. It’s not to spend it in the first place.

I’d like to have a Congressman that doesn’t have to explain his votes.


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