Virginia Campaign 2009: Friday Roundup

10 Jul

Jody Wagner still can’t count
Bearing Drift

First she got the state revenue estimates so wrong, the state budget was thrown into a tailspin. Now she can’t seem to figure out if she’s reading a list of 6 counties or 7.
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Jody Wagner’s Problems Now Extend To Single-Digit Math
Virginia Virtucon

It seems that her issues with math also extends down to the single-digits where she has a difficult time counting to six.
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Jody Wagner’s Math Problem
Crystal Clear Conservative

It appears that Jody Wagner has created a new number “Seven Six.”  So, this the number that they teach in Jody’s Wonderland (where is a Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion and a Fiscal mismanagement school).
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Jody Wagner doesn’t know geography either
The right-wing liberal

While I myself have only been through Southwest Virginia once, I doubt they’ll be too thrilled about a candidate who can’t tell their cities and counties apart.
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Timmy! — Our Gov. Just 2/3 of the Time
Virginia Virtucon

No wonder he is doing his best to keep the public from finding out where he has been and when he has gone there…
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You know it’s bad when . . .
The right-wing liberal

If, however, you are the governor of Virginia, the blog is from the Washington Post, and you are a Democrat, then you have a big problem.
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More Bizarre Behavior From Jody Wagner
Virginia Virtucon

Just days after basically conceding the LG race to incumbent Bill Bolling, Jody “Financial Fantasyland” Wagner issued a truly bizarre statement criticizing Bolling for the “failed economic policies” of Jim Gilmore, George Bush, and Sarah Palin.
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Also in Virginia:

Bobby Scott votes against engraving the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God we trust” in the Capital Visitor Center; Jim Moran votes “present”.
I’m Surrounded by Idiots

Wittman talks healthcare on the House floor
Bearing Drift has the video.

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