Obligatory Weekend Sarah Palin's Career is Through Post

11 Jul

sarahpalinFunny how someone who “ended” her political hopes and ambitions (if we only knew what they were) keeps grabbing the headlines…

What if Palin Were President?
David Harsanyi, Townhall

Really, where would we be if a bumpkin like Palin were president? With her brainpower, we probably would be stuck with a Cabinet full of tax cheats, retreads and moralizing social engineers.
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Forgetting Sarah Palin
Ann Coulter, Human Events

On one hand, liberals are enraged at the heinousness of Mark Sanford — whom they didn’t vote for — for not resigning and, on the other, they’re enraged at Palin — whom they also didn’t vote for — for resigning.
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Sarah Palin: It’s Her Party And She’ll Resign If She Wants To
Chris Stigall, Big Hollywood

Name a Republican today who could draw a larger crowd, and encourage more checks to be cut to a political candidate than Alaska’s governor. Ex-presidents don’t count, by the way. But even if you included George Bush – I think she’d give him a race for the dollar. That said – go ahead, try it. Cheney? Romney? Pawlenty? Jindal? Rove? Steele? Rice? Powell? McCain? Huckabee? Ron Paul? Nope. None of them touch the pull of Palin. Remember, it’s not about whom you like personally. It’s who can raise the most money and draw the biggest crowd that matters most in this game.
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EXCLUSIVE: Palin will stump for conservative Democrats
The Washington Times

ANCHORAGE, Alaska | Brushing aside the criticisms of pundits and politicos, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she plans to jump immediately back into the national political fray — stumping for conservative issues and even Democrats — after she prematurely vacates her elected post at month’s end.
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Palin Juggles Two Parties
Susazanne Fields, Creators.com

Sarah is our female Crocodile Dundee. She demonstrated how a woman could wrestle an alligator and look good doing it. She preferred being a “pit bull with lipstick,” but both descriptions go to the heart of her appeal. Here was a conservative woman with a sense of humor, who could hang out with the boys and hang tough on “Saturday Night Live,” where candidates go for their screen tests. By resigning as governor of Alaska, she forfeited the image of the dark mare racing to the White House, but that was our fantasy, not hers.
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What’s Sarah Palin’s Political Future?
The New York Times

We asked some Republican strategists and conservative thinkers, what is Governor Palin’s political future? Can she build up her position in the party while being on the outside?
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