The Sotomayor Hearings

15 Jul

Let’s be real. Sotomayor is likely to be confirmed by the Democratic controlled Senate.  But that doesn’t mean we shoudn’t ask the hard questions.

To be fair, while she certainly wouldn’t be my choice, I’m thinking if I had a vote I’m not so sure I’d vote no.

Do I want her on the Supreme Court?  Of course not.  But can I stop it?  Doubtful. More importantly some of the “also ran” choices were even worse. 

Barack Obama is not going to appoint a conservative to the court.  But I think the Republicans in the Senate owe it to the country to make sure we know exactly where she stands.

Exchanges from the Sotomayor confirmation hearing
Associated Press via Townhall

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.: “You’ve been asked a lot of questions about abortion. And you’ve said that Roe v. Wade is settled law. Where are we today? What is the settled law in America about abortion?”
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Dems to GOP Nominees:  Will the Defendant Please Rise?
Ann Coulter

Every time a Democrat senator has talked during the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor this week, I felt lousy about my country. Not for the usual reasons when a Democrat talks, but because Democrats revel in telling us what a racist country this is.
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Sotomayor Shows the Way
It would be a fine thing if we could take the judge at her word.
Andrew McCarthy, National Review

But Obama’s policies are not popular. Indeed, they become increasingly unpopular as Americans grasp their real-world impact. Moreover, to get elected, Obama had to conceal who he was — denying his statism, his abortion extremism, his radical ties, his hostility to the concept of American exceptionalism, etc. Just as Judge Sotomayor has figured out that her interests lie in posing as a Borkian originalist who’s never heard of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund.
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Sotomayor’s Bias
NRA’s LaPierre: Gun Owners Have Good Reason To Worry About Her Nomination
CBS News

Despite that judicial amnesia, Judge Sotomayor co-authored an opinion — in January of this year — holding that the Second Amendment does not apply to the States. So that leaves two options: either she failed to follow the Supreme Court’s direction in Heller that judges are required to analyze the modern incorporation cases; or she actually did review those cases, but came to an incorrect conclusion. Neither option gives gun owners much confidence in her view of the Second Amendment.
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See What do YOU want Senators to ask the Supreme Court nominee?


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