Show me the Republicans!!!

22 Jul

Today the Deeds for Governor campaign released the following list of “Republicans for Deeds”

* Sen. Brandon Bell
* Sen. John Chichester
* Sen. Russ Potts
* Sen. Marty Williams
* Sen. Warren E. Barry
* Del. Anne G. “Panny” Rhodes
* Del. Katherine Waddell
* Del. Jim Dillard

I mean seriously? John Chichester? Russ Potts?

Look all of these “Republicans” were either run out of town or stepped down because they knew they would be. Russ Potts ran as an Independent for Governor and couldn’t rally enough votes to field a baseball team. Katherine Waddell never ran as a Republican.

I first met John Chichester when he was running for Lt. Governor in 1985 in a five-way race. During the GOP convention, I remember marching around the Norfolk Scope shouting “We’ve had Marshall (Coleman), we want John.” If Marshall hadn’t bailed on the party in 1994, I’d feel the need to apologize.

But look, these people are no longer in office because they betrayed Republican values. It’s just that simple.

To be quite blunt about it, we’re pretty glad they’re admitting playing for the other team. It’s what they’ve done all along.

But don’t insult our intelligence by calling them “Republicans.”

jadedtwitterJ.R. asks Where’s the Republican?
Bearing Drift

The right-wing liberal takes A closer look at Deeds’ “Republicans”
If the Dems really think this group will help them, they’re dreaming. Republicans have already been voting against this bunch for almost a decade now.
Read more.

RINOs for Deeds
Virginia Virtucon

Turns out that these “Republicans” are a sorry lot who were either defeated in a GOP primary, opted to retire before they were defeated in a primary, bolted the party to run as an independent or — GASP — never even ran as a Republican!
Read more.

Those “Republicans for Deeds”
Tertium Quids

I am forced to wonder just how big of an in-kind contribution from Democrats the McDonnell campaign will have to show on its next disclosure form.
Read more.

UPDATE:  As J.R. comments over at Bearing Drift: McDonnell stayed neutral in the primaries for Bell and Williams. Potts/Chichester, that’s pretty self-explnatory. And, regarding Waddell, McDonnell supported Manoli against her.


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