Friday Campaign Roundup

24 Jul

It’s been a busy week on the Virginia campaign trail..

On Monday:  Sheila Johnson endorses Bob McDonnell

On Wednesday:  Governor Kaine recognizes a leader in Ken Cuccinelli

Also on Wednesday, the Deeds campaign released the “Faux Republicans for Deeds list”  Show me the Republicans!!!

Ensuing snarkage on Facebook got me “unfriended” by Brandon Bell. 

He said: Brandon Bell is not going to be able to get up a note today on my Governor choice. To much work reviewing technical data on today’s market move. Maybe next week.

I said: How long does it take to tell us that it’s because McDonnell didn’t endorse you when you got your fanny shellacked in the primary?

A bit too much?  Probably.  A bit too snarky?  Probably.

Did it strike a nerve? 

Yeah, you betcha!


Crystal Clear Conservative: Flawed Logic from Jody in Wonderland
Obviously, Wagner loves a plan with more taxes, especially since this might be the primary basis of her plan. When Wagner was Secretary of Finance, she supported EVERY one of Kaine’s tax hikes…
Read more.

McDonnell’s Independents vs. Deeds’ “Republicans”
The right-wing liberal

So to recap, more Republicans ran against Bob McDonnell supporters in 2007 than ran as future Deeds supporters that year. Keep that in mind the next time the Dems try to hype up their cross-party support.
Read more.

It’s finally Friday…

Another Doug Wilder story, and more confusion
The right-wing liberal

Again, as I posted earlier, Wilder’s actions over the last 20 years are quite consistent. As one of the few remaining Democrats who respect the taxpayer, he has always been skittish about his party’s leftward lunge on economic issues. Those of us who remember his years as Governor will always be grateful for that.
Read more.

Wilder says “No”
Tertium Quids

This really is “Doug being Doug,” but because he still retains quite a high profile, it ought to be troubling to the Deeds campaign.
Read more.

SWAC Girl has the details on: Gubernatorial debate Saturday at the Homestead
Political eyes will turn toward western Virginia this weekend as the gubernatorial candidates meet for the annual Virginia Bar Association debate at the Homestead in Hot Springs.
Read more.

Also at SWAC Girl: to air gubernatorial debate

Bearing Drift: VPOD 69: Del. Glenn Oder and Shaun Kenney discuss transportation and politics


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