Desperate times call for Desperate Deeds

3 Aug

deeds2With even the Public Policy Poll saying that Bob McDonnell is increasing his lead over Creigh Deeds [Political Wire], the Senator from Bath County may be getting a little careless.

Deeds – makin’ it up as he goes along
JR Hoeft at Bearing Drift
What else will Creigh Deeds make up as this campaign progresses? He certainly will not make-up ground in the polls if he keeps this up.
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Who said that Creigh?
The right-wing liberal

With all due respect, when Creigh Deeds starting shoving words in a person’s mouth, it’s not only offensive, it shows that he just doesn’t get reality.
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Brian Kirwin at Bearing Drift

But when he says Bob McDonnell says things that other people said, that’s not a geographical generalization. That’s not political rhetoric overstating something to make a point.
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Today’s Quote from On The Record [Washington Post]: “Growing up in southwest Virginia taught me many important values, like the importance of hard work, loyalty, and the power of education,”

Anita Kumar continues: Nice line. The only problem is Deeds didn’t grow up in southwest Virginia. He grew up in Bath County, which is the western part of the state, but not south and definitely not southwest.


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