Report Suspicious White House Activity to the White House

4 Aug

The Obama Administration wants you to spy on your neighbors, and or me. They’re asking you to email: if you find anyone disagreeing with his socialized medicine plan.

From NetRight Nation Blog:

Here is what we need to do. Email that address reporting Barack Obama for not telling the truth on Health Care. Let’s try and flood that inbox with as many reports about Obama and his minions attempting to deceive the public as possible.

Here’s the White House Video:

Here’s the video of the President proving in his own words that she’s lying through her teeth:

Do your civic duty. Email and report this suspicious activity.


6 Responses to “Report Suspicious White House Activity to the White House”

  1. d. w. Plezia August 5, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    I think we ought to put this address in our address book and send all the jokes we get!

  2. jay stewart August 7, 2009 at 1:28 am #

    Thanks for the tip. I think I will report you, you damned fascist!

  3. Michael August 7, 2009 at 9:42 am #

    Please make sure you spell my name correctly Mr. Stewart.

    (and do yourself a favor and read up on what fascism really is)

  4. Jody Black August 7, 2009 at 10:27 am #

    As A loyal American I chose to report someone that sent dissenting emails.—–Original Message—–

    From: Military Activist
    Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 5:17 PM
    Subject: Guilty of Dissenting Emails

    Dear President Obama,

    With all due respect, I am complying with your personal request to
    report someone that sent dissenting emails.

    As such, I would like immediately surrender my self to your new
    government. I have been very guilty of sending emails (to family,
    personal friends and associates) that did not support your health care
    plan wherein I asserted that it will ration health care to citizens
    over age 65. I also even discussed displeasure with your trillion
    dollar budget deficit that reportedly went to your special interest

    I am now aware that to circulate an such information is unacceptable
    and contrary to, or not in lock “goose step” with, the “party line”
    and “talking points”. These emails have included very suspicious
    personal opinions thoughts and ideas, that grossly resemble freedom of
    speech. Again, I have no choice and must plead guilty to these
    despicable acts.

    Additionally, to add to your list of extremist charges against us, my
    husband and I inappropriately attended a “Tea Party” here in Las Vegas
    on April 15, 2009. No one suggested or encouraged us to do so,
    therefore it was a personal willful act of which we must accept full
    and complete responsibility. As indisputable evidence, we can supply
    actual photographs that were taken at the event that fully
    substantiates our guilt.

    My husband is retired from the Untied States Marine Corps. He served
    this nation in WWll, Korea and Viet Nam, under the previous form of
    United States Government, when it was still Republic before an
    Oligarchy. As such, his crimes are even more egregious than mine
    because, as member of the military, your governance now considers him
    to be a serious severe threat to our “Home Land” security and a
    potential terrorist. However, as a disabled American veteran his
    ability to be very effective as such, would be somewhat limited or

    As I said, I am willing to surrender my self for these crimes.
    However, it may be more difficult for us to get my husband to
    “surrender”. United States Marines are funny about “that” word, in
    fact I do not think the word is in their vocabulary. In order to get
    him to do so, you may have to send some of those wonderful nice
    “community organizers” from ACORN, that you worked with for so many
    years. Perhaps they can help to “readjust his thinking” more to your
    liking and point of view.

    In any case, when and how soon, will you be sending your special
    government agents to round up American citizens like us that are now
    apparently deemed Enemy’s of the State? Are we going to be sent to
    newly established relocation concentration camps? Will we be allowed
    to bring suit cases…. or will it only be necessary for us to bring a
    signed copy of our Last Will and Testament and Living Will?

    To save the government time, I am forwarding this letter to all of
    those individuals to whom I repeatedly sent unacceptable dissenting
    emails. I certainly hope that they will see the light, as I have, and
    will be forthcoming with their confessions. To make it easier for
    them, your email address is shown above and they will now know how to
    report any and all covert dissenting activities by their family,
    friends and associates.

    In closing, PLEASE FORGIVE US, for we have sinned and offended Thee.

    Your Loyal Subject,
    J _ _ _ B_ _ _ _
    U.S. Citizen
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Note: Your federal agents can easily locate me via my email address

  5. R Coleman August 17, 2009 at 3:28 pm #

    “The Obama Administration wants you to spy on your neighbors, and or me. They’re asking you to email: if you find anyone disagreeing with his socialized medicine plan.”

    So now anyone who forwards spam emails to my inbox is ‘my neighbor’..? (roll eyes!)

    FYI, this is not about finding ‘anyone disagreeing’… it is about responding to inaccurate, misleading, and even malicious emails which are forwarded en-masse across the internet in the manner of a public forum.

    Anyone with policy suggestions or disagreements should welcome open debate. I happen to welcome any effort to increase ‘transparency in government’ Information is not a threat.

  6. Michael August 17, 2009 at 6:23 pm #

    Don’t be so naive, of course this was set up to intimidate those opposed to Obamacare. It was their knee jerk reaction to losing the debate to the Tea Parties.

    Couple that with the total bungling of the whole operation and the White House not even realize that their collecting email addresses, or not, was bordering on, if not outright illegal. Why do you think they’ve backed down?

    And yes, anyone with policy suggestions or disagreements should welcome open debate. Which is why it’s so bizarre to see the nation’s congressmen and women hiding from their constituents, to see Nancy Pelosi calling protestors Nazis and to see the Obama Administration stumbling time after time at the mere thought of anyone disagreeing with their divine mandate.

    As for transparency, Obama promised that, but has failed at every turn.

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