Dear no longer "Smart" Tag people

19 Aug

I got your nasty gram tonight. The one that said:

Our records indicate that on at least 5 occasions in the past month your vehicle passed through a toll lane without an E-ZPass toll transaction being recorded.

Your love note goes on to imply that my transponder was not properly mounted or that there was not enough money in my account.

Let me be clear.

We have three vehicles using E-ZPass. The transponders are in the same location they were when we entered the program.

Our account is automatically debited every time we get below a certain balance.

That your equipment can’t read ours properly or that your accounting methods are slower than you’d prefer is not my fault.

So let me assure you, we won’t tolerate your adding a dollar per transaction should this occur again.

Yes, I’ll be calling in the morning to explain that.

And to allow you to apologize.


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