Remember when this was patriotic?

20 Aug

bushprotest1Over at Bearing Drift Brian Kirwin lets off some steam: Hypocrats

For most of the Bush Presidency, I had to listen to lefto-freakos tell me that George Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened. Google it. The websites are still up. Did Democrats defend Bush? Yeah right.

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Brian is right. Eight years of protests against George Bush. Calling him Bushitler and, yeah, worse.

But back then “Patriotism was the highest form of dissent.”

Now that the left is rapidly losing the argument it’s considered “Un-American.”

Brian’s got it exactly right: Hypocrats.


3 Responses to “Remember when this was patriotic?”

  1. Kyle August 21, 2009 at 7:11 am #

    I think you have a valid criticism but I think there is a significant difference between the loonies that were against Bush and the loonies that are now against Obama.

    The loonies today are getting much more mainstream media exposure than they did with Bush. People who think Obama was born in Kenya and that he wants “Death Panels” have been interviewed by most if not all of the major network and cable news shows. The lefts loonies were mostly confined to the blogosphere and useless protests like the photo above. This means too much time of the public discourse is wasted on distractions and misinformation.

    I still think dissent is an important form of patriotism, but the dissent today is too often fueled by misinformation and fear mongering (rarely on this site but it has gotten out of control on many right-leaning media outlets and blogs).

  2. Michael August 21, 2009 at 8:48 am #

    Oh c’mon Kyle, you’re proving my point. The protestors against Bush were confined to the blogosphere because the MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULDN’T COVER THEM. In most cases because they agreed with them.

    I’ll agree that I’ve had enough of the birthers. My comment all along has been if there was anything there, Hillary would have found it. I think that is distracting.

    As for the “death panels” perhaps the terminology was wrong, but further research has proved that Sarah Palin was correct. Read past speeches by the President, by Rahm Emmanuels brother (who is/was an advisor on health care). Read a lot of the rhetoric.

    But the point you’re missing is that the tea party protestors, and the vast majority of the town hall protestors are not your rank and file lunatics. They’re you’re next door neighbors who have had enough. They’re your Mom, your Dad, your Grandma. We’ve already seen evidence that some of the most “extreme” protestors were plants from the left.

    The knee jerk reaction from the White House and the MSM is hysteria because they can’t handle the fact that they’re losing this argument. The hypocrisy is that 8 years ago, and it’s documented, people like Hillary and Pelosi were saying the anti-war protestors were “patriotic.” Back then, they were all about free speech. Not so much when they’re losing the argument.

    Look at all the public opinion polls, they’re trending against socialized health care, they’re trending against the Democrats, they’re trending against the President. And this is not just the normal swing.

    Average Americans who never in their life voiced a political thought are pissed off.

    And the left can’t handle it.


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