Devoid of issues, the Deeds campaign resorts to summer re-runs

1 Sep

So today I see the headline “From Those Who Know Bob McDonnell…” and find out that it’s about a conference call by four “former Republicans” talking about working with Bob McDonnell in the legislature.

I looked at the cast list and thought, “wait, this looks familiar.”

Indeed it does:  Show me the Republicans!!!

It’s half of the same group of people who claimed in July that they were “Republicans for Deeds.”  So now they’re “Former Republicans for Deeds?”

You know who gets to change their mind and who doesn’t is getting to be so confusing these days. 

But let’s be clear.  There were no Republicans on that list in July and there were no real Republicans, former or otherwise, on that conference call today.

Who was on the call?

Former Senator Marty Williams, Newport News

Williams was rejected by his own Republican voters in the 2007 State Senate primary in favor of Tricia Stall.  Even though Williams was the incumbent, McDonnell stayed neutral in the primary. 

Former Delegate Jim Dillard, Fairfax

Dillard chose to retire rather than face Republican voters angry at his support for Warner’s tax increase, groomed Democrat Dave Marsden to take his place.

Former Delegate Katherine Waddell, Chesterfield

Waddell never ran as a Republican, defeated a Republican in 2005 by less than a quarter of one percent, then was sent packing in 2007 by Republican Manoli Loupassi in a twelve-point stomping.  McDonnell supported Loupasi. And trust me, she was my Delegate.  She was many things, but never a Republican. 

Former Senator Russ Potts, Winchester

Potts last appeared on the ballot not as a Republican, but as an independent (for Governor in 2005), Republican nominee Jerry Kilgore outscored him 23 to 1 (and Kilgore lost).  Potts wanted to be the spoiler in the race.  But had Kilgore picked up the three people who actually voted for Potts, the results would have been the same.

I was right.  I’ve seen this show.

And it wasn’t worth watching the first time.

H/T to The right-wing liberal and Bearing Drift for background info.


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