I am not a gardener

2 Sep

If my family lived in an agrarian society that depended on me for sustenance, we’d all starve.

I didn’t grow up tending a garden.  It’s a hobby of sorts that I picked up when we moved into this house.  First I tried a couple of tomato plants, then some flowers.

When my mother-in-law moved in with us in 2003, she brought hundreds of plants, lilies, iris and more from her yard in North Carolina.  She’d tell me how to plant things, and I’d try.  I could never get enough dirt around the tomato plants to satisfy her.  She passed away last year, but I still try to remember the things she taught me.

A couple of years I’ve tried Square Foot Gardening, with mixed success.  I tried it again this year and pretty much consider it a total failure. 

I started out well enough, but early this spring I threw my back out.  Then it rained for forty days and forty nights.  So I sort of lost control.  None of my vegetables really produced.

The day I came home and saw the squirrel eating from the rather poorly developed corn, I gave up.  It’s not just that he was eating the corn.  He’d actually taken it over to the picnic table.

Ironically most of the perennial flowers did really well this year.  The hibiscus is taking over the back yard, along with the four o’clocks.

Still, I’ve yet to get a hydrangea to bloom.

Maybe it’s just not my calling. Maybe I’m the reason that God created produce stands and cut flowers.

Still, I’ll be back at it again next year.


One Response to “I am not a gardener”

  1. Shaun Kenney September 2, 2009 at 10:33 am #

    The square foot gardening method is all I use. In fact, the only things I’ve ever grown in raised rows were corn and peas.

    I did discover that for certain things (tomatoes or any crawly plant like watermelon) that the square foot method is wholly inadequate.

    This season was especially wet too… my tomatoes did OK, my peas did exceptionally well, my tobacco did not do so well, but the corn came up. I’ll do another series of peas, lettuce and corn by Labor Day — see what the Indian Summer gets me.

    Next year, I’ll be doing a couple of acres plus a small garden. Soil will be different, composting will be a different ball of wax, and hopefully it will be a warmer season with just as much rain.

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