If they can't spell his name, maybe they read the wrong thesis

3 Sep

Oh sure, they’ve corrected it now. But the Deeds campaign and the Washington Post are flinging poo so quickly that they’re getting careless.

From National Review Online:

Deeds Misspells Name of Foe in Ads for New Attack Site

I think basic professionalism demands that if you’re going to set up a web site to attack a guy, you learn how to spell his name right.

Deeds invites folks to learn about

If you can’t make it out at the bottom, it says “PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY DEEDS FOR VIRGINIA.” Whatever they paid, it was probably too much.

It’s even better that Eli Kaplan of the Deeds campaign told a liberal blogger that the site aims to “spell out in a ‘user friendly, clear, concise way’ that Bob McDonnell’s political career matched his policy blueprint of 1989.”

Still, this has potential for the Democratic candidate . . . Creigh Deeds: He can’t spell worth @#$%&, but he’s never written anything worth talking about.


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