Creigh Deeds on the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

5 Sep
Marvin: I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
Marvin: I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed.


42…it seems to be the number Creigh Deeds just can’t rise above.

In spite of the Washington Post Macaca Reunion Tour, candidate Creigh Deeds just can’t seem to rise above 42 percent in any poll.

McDonnell by 12; GOP rolling
Looks like the left wing will have to dream up another attack besides phantom confederate flags and twenty-year-old papers.

The Creigh Deeds Ceiling?
Two Conservative

…this strategy is never going to put Deeds over 50%.

Well, so much for that set of “plans”
The right-wing liberal

Creigh Deeds’ effort to terrify the Virginia electorate into voting for him not only fell flat, it has also sucked the air out of the down-ticket races.

McDonnell 54 Deeds 42
Shaun Kenney

This has got to be embarassing for the Washington Post.  Just when you think something might come around to sell some newsprint, the numbers simply don’t bear it out.  As for the social media buzz within the Democratic blogosphere, the Republican social media network simply closed ranks and shrugged.

“McDonnell thesis fracas not hurting Republican’s lead”

Liberals will have to go back to the Democrat play book because it looks like this one isn’t going to take … which also puts egg on the face of the Washington Post that tried so hard to duplicate their “macaca” glory.

Second Consecutive Post-Thesis Poll Shows No Damage To McDonnell
Virginia Virtucon

In poll after poll after poll, it seems that Deeds cannot break above the 42% ceiling.

SurveyUSA: McDonnell, Ticket Cruising
Mason Conservative

I’ve gone over it before; that we have a strong statewide ticket, that the Democrat ticket has no natural base or constituency at any level of the ticket, and that they have been in power long enough that they own the problems in the state…The fact that Cuccinelli is above 50% in every part of the state is stunning, we haven’t seen this one-sided an ass-kicking since Jerry Kilgore dismantled Donald McEachin.

Poor thesis
Fishersville Mike

The theory went, when voters find out about Bob McDonnell’s connections to Pat Robertson, that his support would falter.

It’s not quite time for the Deeds camp to panic…yet.  Let’s just hope they remember their towel.

Oh sure, Labor Day’s right around the corner and in the final two months he’ll likely climb a bit. But it’s clear the orchestrated smear campaign against Bob McDonnell is not working.


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