Oh, and about that ~other~ speech

9 Sep

I’m not watching.

Tonight the President addresses a Joint Session of Congress to talk about Health Care.  He’ll push for his plan.  He’ll push for getting something done.

And, as he has done so far, he’ll likely ignore the fact that the majority of the country now opposes his plan to socialize health care.  The Town Halls are not an aberration, but adequately reflect the mood of the country.

You want some suggestions Mr. President?

Start with Tort Reform.   Start with competition between insurance companies across state borders.

Do that, and come back in a year.  Then we’ll chat.


2 Responses to “Oh, and about that ~other~ speech”

  1. Lynn September 9, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    “I’m not watching.”

    Then I’m not reading.


  1. Joe Wilson: Rude? Yes. But was he wrong? - September 10, 2009

    […] I already told you.  I didn’t watch the speech.  […]

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