Governor Clinton?

10 Sep

Doug at Below the Beltway passes on the rumor that The Weekly Standard is apparently passing along.

Hillary Clinton for Governor?

The boss hears from two sources that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York.

Doug thinks maybe it’s a prelude to another run for the White House.

I’m not so sure. 

Would Hillary challenge Barack Obama in 2012?  Even with his numbers plummeting daily, he’s going to recover somewhat and will likely be the Democratic nominee in 2012.  As an aside, I don’t think it will be an Obama/Biden ticket in 2012.

So that means Hillary’s next shot would be 2016.  She would be 69 years old.

For the most part, Democratic candidates in the last few decades have been young and energetic.  And we know the success the Republicans have had with older white men.

At almost 70, would Hillary be considered too old?


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