You can ignore 9/12, but it's not going away

14 Sep
Photo H/T SWAC Girl

Photo H/T SWAC Girl

Once again, the blogosphere has to do the job the main stream media just won’t do.  By any credible count, more than 1 million patriots, perhaps as many as two million, flooded Washington, DC on Saturday, September 12 for the sole purpose of taking this country back from a failed Congress, a failed Administration and a failed system of government.

Yes, I know all of your protests “Republicans had 8 years, neener neener neener.”  But you just don’t get it.

This was not a Republican event.  As we’ve told you time and time again, and as liberals and the main stream media (yes, I know that’s redundant) have continued to ignore, the Tea Party protestors are every bit as angry with the Republican party as they are the Democrats.  The difference may be that some Republicans, like Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, just might be listening this time.  And, as Rush supposedly said today, I agree that this can’t be a third party movement.  We have a two party system.

And we’re out to fix it.  If that means sending a few Republican congresscritters home, then let’s get started.

SWAC Girl and others were there and did a wonderful job of covering the events.  Many of their posts are linked below.

Typical of the mainstream media, the estimated reports of attendance were “a few thousand.”  Well, follow these posts (and more below) to get a more credible estimate.

How many people were at the big 9/12 “Tea Party” protest?
The Gormogons

Now. Here’s what happens. If you use the usual method of computing massed crowds (the one the journalists use), you divide the square footage by two… and you get 1,175,035. That’s where the 1.2 million number comes from.

Amazing Photos: 9/12 march on Washington vs. USA Today National Mall schematic
Stealth Fusion

Yes, the picture is real, nutroots
Michelle Malkin

9/12 March on DC … America went to Washington

To march on Pennsylvania Avenue shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded patriots was breath-taking. As far as I could see ahead of us was a sea of people carrying flags and signs … behind us as far as I could see was a sea of people carrying flags and signs. Chants would go down the street like a vocal wave … approaching as a low roar in the distance, catching up with us as we joined in, and washing over us to continue along the street to the thousands behind us.

SWAC bloggers have 9/12 March on Washington coverage

09.12.09 – This land is your land … this land is my land

Conservative bloggers have been busy since Saturday posting photos and spreading the word about the thousands of conservative 9/12 ralliers who turned out in Washington, DC, because we cannot depend on the mainstream media to do it.

Does this look like tens of thousands to you?
Crystal Clear Conservative

09.12.09: “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?”

9-12 DC Protest
Tertium Quids

Besides being a moron, Karl Marx was also: too lazy to keep a steady job to support his wife and kids…

09.12.09: No trash left behind

I think those photos clearly show that responsible Ameicans were in DC on Saturday. Those same Americans fought for this country, worked hard to help this country prosper, and have prayed for this country.

CLEAN Conservatives vs FILTHY Liberals– A Photographic Essay
Gateway Pundit
Leave it to the mainstream media to distort the facts. The Washington Post reported that “tens of thousands appeared on the Capitol” Saturday to protest the health care bill, while Bloomberg reported that “thousands” showed up to protest.


3 Responses to “You can ignore 9/12, but it's not going away”

  1. Kyle September 15, 2009 at 10:24 am #

    Um, the organizers of the event only claim 500,000 to 600,000 and the organizers almost always overstate their numbers (both conservatives and liberals). Instead of the numbers why not discuss the ideas they put out.

    The idea that struck me most, from the ample coverage I have found on MSM websites and a variety of blogs, was the sense of entitlement of the crowd. They felt that they deserved to be in charge and make the decisions. Isn’t that what elections are for and didn’t we just have an election less than a year ago?

  2. Michael September 15, 2009 at 8:59 pm #

    Actually Kyle, Freedom Works did not have estimated numbers until tonight and their calculations show 600,000 to 800,000. I might note that original “official” estimates for the Obama Inauguration were 4-5 million, with the final numbers being about 1.2 million.

    But as usual, you miss the point. The final numbers matter little. What cannot be disputed is the fact that the main stream media, the White House and the Congress continue to misrepresent the magnitude of numbers, the attendees of the event and the message. You might also note that of the several hundred thousands, hundreds, maybe even thousands were Obama voters with buyer’s remorse.

    “Ample” coverage? Don’t embarrass yourself. You ask why we don’t talk about the issues? We’ve been talking for months now, yet your “ample coverage” seems to have ignored that. To their own peril because newspapers and main stream television and radio are dying out. It’s a fact.

    Yes, there was an election last year. And while I know it disappoints you and the rest of the left, the repeal of the First Amendment was not on the ballot. We endured eight years of screeching about President Bush (some small amount of it deserved) and we were told that it was patriotic to question your government. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and Obama’s ratings are plunging suddenly it’s anti-American.

    What also is not being reported is that in addition to the march on DC, multple (I don’t have the numbers) rallies were held all across the nation for folks who could not travel.

    Please, we’ve already answered the “why didn’t you complain when Republicans were doing this” question. Folks are just as mad at Republicans and the reality is the American people were pushed to the breaking point. Now we’re pushing back.

    And the ever shrinking left just can’t handle that.


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